Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just the Facts

I was watching Nancy Grace the other day at like, 3:00 AM and I figured out that Nancy needs to get her facts straight. Her comment was something along the lines of:

". . .second hand smoke increasing the chance of SIDS . . ."

This was not a news story -- just a comment about SIDS that was redirected from a comment about smoking. I'm not sure if this was live, or anything -- I don't know what time zone it was in, so I have no clue if the idea was even logical or not -- but this is wrong.

First off, SIDS (standing for 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome') is a diagnosis that doctors give you when there's no cosmetic reason why your baby's dead. But, if they perform an autopsy, the majority of the time, it's deemed to be suffocation.

Suffocation. Second hand smoke doesn't cause you to stop breathing -- at least, it didn't do that the last time I checked. Suffocation is caused by pillows over faces, duct tape over mouth and nasal cavities, and stuff like that -- second hand smoke may eventually make you stop breathing, but not within a few weeks or anything. When things like this are mentioned by "legit" news sources -- it just makes me cringe, honestly. Because so many stupid people only go off the information they get from "The O'Reilly Factor" or "Nancy Grace" and other shows like that. In fact, these TV shows should have a warning screen showed before they air -- "WARNING! STATEMENTS THAT ARE IMPROMPU MAY BE TOTAL BULL. CHECK A RELIABLE RESOURCE BEFORE ASSUMING THAT THIS IS ALL FACT." Which, it probably isn't -- all fact, that is. In fact, this post probably isn't all fact. I doubt it, actually. I might have gotten something wrong.

In fact, most of this is opinion -- the entire blog, that is. This post is mostly fact with my opinion on crappy news programs mixed into it.

*** I'd like to remind readers that Banned Book week is September 26th to October 3rd. I'll have something fun posted every day of that week for you guys. (i.e. Banned book week cookies and lots of lists and book recommendations.)

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