Monday, November 22, 2010


MOOD: Frustrated.

So, this Thanksgiving, I am to make the pies. Three Pumpkin and an Apple. I was going to start making them today, by making two pumpkins and delaying the third pumpkin and apple until tomorrow.

Until my Grandma started having a hissy fit. She was yelling and freaking out over the fact that they wouldn't keep in the fridge, and that they'd turn stale despite the fact that we've kept pies in there for roughly a week with no ill side effects. Despite what we explained to her, she kept yelling and screaming over how people won't want stale pies and how I need to make them on Wednesday. Houston, we have a problem. Making four pies takes a lot of time, and I only have a few hours to do things like bake after school. Not nearly enough time to make four pies considering the baking time of a Pumpkin pie is something like fifty minutes, not including the prep time and the time to make the dough.

I tell her (and here's the clean version. I added a few unladylike words here and there in the actual conversation) that if she wants the freaking pies made on Wednesday, then she can freaking make them!

She says "I WILL THEN." Although she hasn't made a pie for years, and up until this year it's been store bought.

We two have been having some baking disputes. Like just a few weeks ago:

Grandpa and I decided to get rid of some cake mix in the cupboard by baking them. So we decided to make an Angel's Food for Grandma and some triple chocolate for me and him. So I have the Angel's food all mixed up, and I put it in the pan (grandpa had went to the store for something) and was about to put it in the oven when Grandma came in wondering why I was making two cakes. Eventually she got over it, until she saw the oven rack's position.

"Ooh, that's much too low dear."

"It's fine, Grandma."

"Well, I baked cookies there and they came out burnt!"

"Grandma, Angel Food Cake is not a rack of cookies, and it's common sense not to bake cookies that low. They go on the middle shelf --"

While I was talking she had adjusted the rack.

"No! Put it back down! It's supposed to be down there!"

"No it's not! It burns down there, my cookies burnt down there!"

"That's where I ALWAYS put the Angel's Food Cake! It never burns! Just wait 'til Grandma gets home and he'll decide."

*Shutting Oven* "He'll just say I'm right."

*Front Door opens*

*I run over to the stairs* "Grandpa, when making Angel's Food, do you put the rack on the lowest rest or just above that one?"

"The lowest one. It should say that on the box."

"I TOLD you."




Next few days? I didn't touch the cake, Grandpa didn't touch the cake, but the day after next the whole thing was gone, piece by piece. She ate the entire cake, and it didn't burn in the slightest. She just does this sometimes, and it gets very frustrating. Grandma, you haven't baked in years. Trust me. I've been using this kitchen for years, too.

I think she may be thinking that I'm overtaking her place as fancy baker of the house. I kind of am, but she gave it up years ago, and I've just recently felt ready to step up to the pedestal. She needs to realize that this is my third time baking pies, and even then, I usually only do one at a time, let alone two or four! I can't do four!

I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon with Mom. I just can NOT deal with the rest of the day here, with her in that kind of mood.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Tis Better

TUNES: True Love - Razia's Shadow, Forgive Durden
MOOD: Contemplative.

This post goes out to Dezzy over at Rock The Exist(e)ance. She's going through boy troubles something fierce. Though, as they say,

"'Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost, Than to Not Have Loved at All."
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

For those not in the know, I fall into the latter category. All of my gal pals have had a boyfriend or at least have some little sparks/chemistry going on with someone. I have nothing.


I mean, I have Tim, but he's more like a brother despite what people may think. I mean, a relationship between us just wouldn't work. I mean, think if we had like, a kid. Oh, dude. I just had an idea-thingy:

TIM: It's your turn to change the baby.
MAC: It's YOUR turn to change the freakin baby!
TIM: I'll do it if you can answer me these questions three!
MAC: I'm up for the challenge.
TIM: WHAT . . . is your favorite color?
MAC: Purple.
TIM: WHAT . . . is your favorite soda?
MAC: Root beer.
TIM: WHAT . . . is this? *Points to a large black circle on a screen*
MAC: *Sigh* A Jigglypuff, viewed from above.
TIM: . . . *grumble* Fine, I'll change the baby.
BABY: Goo . . .
MAC: You need to stop making these questions so easy.
TIM: Here's one: WHAT . . . is the square root of a Jigglypuff viewed from above?
MAC: An Igglybuff viewed from the left side.
TIM: . . . You're good.

The end.

This is why a relationship wouldn't work.

TIM: WHY . . . wouldn't a relationship work between us?
MAC: A Jigglypuff viewed from above. That's why.

Besides, I don't want ginger babies. Also, I can more easily imagine myself beating Tim rather than kissing him, unless it was for stage purposes. Then I may be able to work with it.

Though I do not have a sweetheart with winter fast approaching, and with the yearly Formal dance next month (and Knowledge Bowl -- WOOHOO), I do have my eyes on a boy or two. Though I barely see one (the one boy I've mentioned in a million posts before this one) and the other one is quite shy. I mean, at this point, my sister had dated the same guy twice, and was fast approaching her third relationship with a second guy.

Sometimes I get why guys don't seem to like me. I mean, I'm awkward, and I can be loud, and I argue, and I can be annoying.

I need to work on my paper now.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Little Random

Tunes: The Summer Set
Mood: :|

So, my voice is killing me, but that doesn't stop me from laughing outrageously at stuff on tumblr. Such as Ganondorf getting hugged by Link and Zelda, and two Pokemon having an argument in traffic about who gets to drive. "Dialga, I want to drive. Why don't you let me drive?" "Because you don't have your license." "Well, at least I have arms." "At least I don't look like--"

Let's stop it there. It get's a little awkward from there on out, but it's also really hilarious. I'll post a link for those who want to see it at the end.

Also, I just thought of a line from my imaginary fanfic in my head that I don't really want to write out because I have yet to finish a fanfic.

"You can't just eat a three pound Gummi-Worm and consider it a meal."
"Yes I can. DEAL WITH IT."

That's all, folks!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween, A Good Day, and Hat-A-Palooza!

Tunes: Sleep - Eric Whitacre
Mood: Jubilant

I'm so sorry I missed Halloween! But between Katie's Party and taking Meg and Dyl trick or treating, I had almost no time for a post! So, here's a late one:


and, because I am the coolest dude:


So, I actually -- for a change of pace -- had a good day today. A little uneventful, and sometimes, I wanted to yell at people, but an enjoyable day nonetheless. Though, it might have been helped by the fact that, in the middle of band, this guy I know, Alex (not Ben's brother. It's confusing because they sit next to each other and play the same instrument) randomly turned around and said, "Smile, Mac!" So, I did.

I think smiling helps make a day better.

Oh, and also, this day is additionally awesome because of . . .

The fact that I finished my Adventure Time hat! I made a hat like Finn's from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake! Here's a picture of him:

His hat is Algebraic. Am I right or am I right? Or, wait, is it even a hat? I don't think we ever see him without it, so maybe it's his hair or something. In the original little short, it looks more obviously like a hat, but now, it's like an extension of his head.

Whoa, that sounded weird.

So, I made this freaking hat, and this is my second big project on the sewing machine (I'll talk about my first -- and equally awesome one later) so, I took it up to my grandma (who is the owner of the sewing machine I'm using) to show it to her (and I was feeling a little self conscious about it, because the sewing in the back is a little wonky) and she didn't believe that I made it. She says, "Well, I just don't believe you made this! It's such good work and I . . . I just can't believe my little girl made this!" This wasn't her being buttery to me -- if there is criticism to be offered up, she will be the first to dish it out.

Right after that, she put it on.

Adorable. If I'd had my cellphone, I'd have taken a picture, but it was downstairs! OH TEH NOES. But I'll get her in it again, and I'll take a picture. It will be made of cute.

Oh, my first sewing machine project? It was my Halloween costume. I was Link, from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was pretty rad, but I didn't . . . wait, Katie took at least one picture of me. When she uploads it, I'll put it on here ASAP.

I think that just about wraps this post up.

See ya, everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Problem Shared

Some people say that a problem shared is a problem halved. In some cases this doesn't work, but in others, it works wonders to get a little bit of a load off of your shoulders.

In reality though, it's more like a problem shared is a problem divided. It's probably not half, or even a quarter, but I'm glad to get something like a twentieth of my geometry problem off of my shoulders. And I'll be getting a big ol' chunk of band off of my shoulders with a little help from Lovely Linda, my band director. And probably some Geometry with that, too, because Linda is amazing and will also help me with these tough things.

I'm out.



"People must think we're weird, just dancing in the corner!"
"And then the Goblins will be in the background dancing like this: *dances*"
"RADIATION . . *techno sounds* . . RADIATION . . *techno sounds* . ."

Aaaand, here's one from E-Saur, who plays Wall, and who enjoys molesting people at every opportunity possible.

Me: Why don't you ever molest Tim? *points to Tim*
E: Honestly, I just don't like gingers. Not that I have anything against you--
Tim: *Covers self with hoodie and fake sobs* Nobody loves meeeeee!!!!! *Huddles in corner*

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I frustrate myself sometimes. Like just a little while ago.

I was trying to catch up on Geometry homework, and . . .

This is hard to put into words. Let's just skip to the part where I'm mad at myself and almost crying. I realized that I'm stuck in an infinite math loop.

I have appointments. I miss class. I don't get notes from said class. I am unable to do any work that has to do with that subject. I fall behind. I have appointments.

Right now is NOT the time for this to be happening. I'm sick, I'm missing school, I have too many medical problems, and I CANNOT be failing. Biology I can handle. Math I can not. This all gives me a headache and makes me just want to have a mental breakdown for five minutes and after that, everything will go back to normal.

That's not going to happen. I don't want to bring Mr. P into my stupid personal problems (even though I have enough of them to share . . .) because I'm afraid he would think differently of me, or -- even worse -- not be able to do anything to work with me about this.

You know that feeling when you're playing a game of chess, and your opponent has your last piece cornered and it finally hits you -- you have no place to go? There is no way out of this situation -- game over. You lose. You know that feeling? Try thinking about how that would feel in real life. It makes you tear up. It makes your head hurt, and your stomach knot, and a feeling of dread comes over you, like a horrible, dense, black cloud above your head, and you're just waiting for the lightning to strike to make things worse.

I don't think I'll be sleeping very well tonight. Not with this weighing on my shoulders, like the sky upon Atlas's.

After how many years of horrible stress, insomnia, and a bunch of other crap, I think it all just crashed into me. It's making me physically nauseous. I don't feel physically up to doing anything. I don't feel like I can even sleep right now.

Why can't I just have a normal day? Where there isn't anything due, and I'm not busy with some deadline or some project, and there's nothing important going on, no emergencies to wake me up in the morning or at night, nothing to worry about, nothing to do at all. No stupid computer to stress over, no lines to memorize, to upcoming medical tests to tense me up, no sickness to hold me back, nothing breaking, nothing going wrong, I just want everything to go perfectly smoothly for ONE DAY.

My sickness seems to be the cause of so much stress, among other things. Right now, I feel a little faint.

I'm a slave to my sickness. I don't want to be. I want to be free from this.

I'm sick of being sick. I want to march (OK, drive. Whatever) to my doctor and ask him to just do whatever on earth would be required to find out what's wrong with me and what will cure me.

I feel like I have no conscious control over what my body feels. No matter what I do, it just does it's own thing.

I just want to crawl into bed and sleep until I'm an adult when I won't have to deal with all this teenage crap.

I'm going to try and get some sleep.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cakey Confirm (No-serious post)

So, I'm going through Confirmation at my church. It takes two years for us Catholics, but it's really quick for other religions (for some reason). So I've been thinking about who my Saint should be (I'm thinking St Dymphna or St Elizabeth of Hungary -- they're the patrons of mental illness and bakers, respectively) and who should be my sponsor (Mrs. Rossow -- we're tight) and about service hours (I have to do a crap ton of community service. As if I don't do a ton already. Twenty hours or something, but Sue expects me -- and only me -- to do a lot more. I actually have no problem with that). But then, something came along. I saw something, and now I know exactly what the light is at the end of the tunnel (of confirmation, that is). I probably get a cake when I'm done. And what will it look like? That, my friends, is the image I saw. On CakeWrecks.



Geekyness, cake, Jesus, it just all rolls up into my nerdy Catholicness. Yes. I want this cake for confirmation achievement (or confirmation get, if you prefer).

I thought this would be a good follow up to my serious post. I hope it is.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Serious post is Serious

TUNES: My Chemical Romance, Welcome to the Black Parade
MOOD: Contemplative.

I think I'll apologize up front for a very, very serious post. So, sorry (your mileage may vary).

So, we've recently been reading a book about the Vietnam War by a Minnesotan author named Tim O'Brien.

It's kind of strange to say, but it's made me think about real life more than most books I've read have. More than '1984' and 'Fahrenheit 451' and 'Animal Farm.' I mean, it made me think about myself, and how I apply to life.

One of the questions Mr. Szoka asked us one morning (I have English Honors in the morning) was if we would hop the border (to Canada, obviously) or go to war if we were drafted. It was about fifty-fifty.

I was one of the people who would have fled. I would never participate in a pointless war. Or any war. This decision came both with just personal opinion, and intimate knowledge that, when exposed to the right elements, any decent human being can become a monster.

"Battle not with Monsters, lest ye become a Monster, and if you gaze into the Abyss, the Abyss gazes also into you."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche, everyone.

Then, there are the obvious reasons that I WOULDN'T get drafted. Y'know, the main one being that I'm female (at the moment, that's the big one), to top that one off, I have flat feet, am a pacifist, and have about eight trillion medical problems. I don't think any military branch would touch me -- let alone the U.S. Army.

Branching back on to the 'what would I do' thing, here was Tim's response to why he would STAY:

"You owe it to your country, they provide you . . . blah blah blah . . ."

I don't pay taxes. I owe the government nothing until I start paying them and then getting a tax return. Gimme some free higher education and lower poverty rates and I'll think about it. Maybe.

It's a free country for a reason. I can have my opinion that the Government shouldn't be doing something, and if I'm against it (like I am with the pledge of allegiance), I shouldn't have to do it (which I don't).

(Liberty and Justice for all my butt. Women and homosexuals are still pretty much getting the shaft.)

I seriously have not willingly said the Pledge of Allegiance since seventh grade. Four years. And people still ask me 'WHY?'

I think I'm going to end now because my train of thought has wandered back to it's usual path -- which is cupcakes.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

TUNES: Another Day - RENT
MOOD: Whimsical/Cupcakey

This is my Bearded Dragon, Clarence. He's much bigger now, in fact, he's a year older than this picture! This was taken on my birthday last year! He's getting a little tubby now (don't tell him that, though!), and he likes to run around and lick things, such as my little step brother's back pack, and my pants, and the floor, and shoes. He also enjoys scaring my sister, because she doesn't like him all that much. My mom once accidentally tried to nudge him away from her with her foot, and he accidentally did a barrel roll.

He likes to eat crickets, and meal worms, and veggies. He has blue sand in his little habitat/kinda terrarium. If you surprise him, or he gets mad, or if he's 'hunting' crickets, he'll puff up his 'beard,' hence the name 'Bearded Dragon.'

Now, here's the real blog post -- all that was so you could learn a little more about Clarence.

So, the other day (or maybe last night -- I can't remember) I had a dream. Can't remember much of it, but what I do remember . . . is this:

Clarence was a giant Bearded Dragon. Like, the size of a St. Bernard. And he would follow me, and jump up on me, and lick me, kinda like a dog. He was still kinda lazy, and I had to coerce him into doing anything, but after I talked to him, he was all for having some fun and following me around and adventuring.

For those of you who have read the 'Percy Jackson' series, he kinda reminded me of Mrs. O'Leary, a giant Hellhound.

I just thought I'd share all that.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


MOOD: Contemplative/ Like a teenager.
TUNES: Razia's Shadow: A Musical, Forgive Durden.

So, I was in band today practicing the Homecoming routine while the National Guard was there with a rock climbing wall and crap. I was a little miffed to be walking back and forth across the football field eight million times because the flags are confused (French horn players. Bah!). So I was standing next to Greg (Tuba) and all of a sudden he's like, "IS THAT (insert my crush's last name here)?!" So of course I look, and he's up on the rock climbing wall looking amazing on the most difficult side of the wall. Purple semi-skinny jeans, open plaid shirt . . . I should probably stop talking before I get carried away.

But I just kept staring at him. I thought he smiled at me once, but he was talking to one of the flags. So I just kind of just looked away awkwardly and felt stupid.

I don't have any classes with him this year. Last year, second semester, we had all but Spanish/German and English together. And technically band, but that was only 50% of the time, due to Band and Choir being during the same hour, every other day.

I don't know why he's not in Choir this year. He auditioned, and I'm pretty sure he got in.

I don't know why he hasn't talked to me at all this year. I mean, I see him every morning before the bell rings, and our lockers are right by each other. I'd say 'Hello' or something, but I'm afraid it'd come out wrong somehow. Like I said 'GOPHER' instead of 'GO FOR' once in front of him because I got nervous. We were auditioning (I didn't get anything. He did) for a few solos for last year's medley and he came up to me after one of them (we did all of them in a row) and said 'You did great on that last one, so I think I'll stand by you.' And I was trying to say 'Go for it,' in a casual, nonchalant way, and it came out too fast, so I said 'gopherit' instead. So then I had to ramble on a little about how I mean go FOR it, and not GOPHER it, and it was just really awkward, but he smiled a bit at me looking so flustered. He has a lovely singing voice, too. I mean, we could probably harmonize pretty nicely. He's a Bass (and at that point) I was a Soprano, so that might've worked out in a cool way. Now that I'm an Alto this year, and we sound really cool with the Bass's, so that would've been cool.

Though he was dumped by HER mid year last year. Who would dump him except for some stupid . . . (there are no words appropriate for this blog that I can say here). I mean, he's really nice, and has a sense of humor, and likes music, and can sing well, and he's smart. Though I normally go for the Scandinavian (Blonde and Blue) type, he's a bit of a deviation, I guess, with his dark hair and eyes, not insanely pale, with a bit of color to his skin.

My stomach's kind of fluttering around.

I'm sorry I'm being so Lovey-Dovey right now. I'm pretty sure this is what Shakespeare does to me. Happened when we read 'Romeo and Juliet' last year, too, and since we're doing 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' I guess it's happening again. I don't know why Shakespeare does this to me. I think he's doing it on purpose, so he can break me down so he can come to the future and steal my words.* Oh Shakespeare, you skamp, you!

And, on the subject of Luff and Shakespeare, I find Midsummer superior to Romeo and Juliet in terms of how love works. I mean, yeah, they use magic flowers to make (the wrong) people fall in love with each other (on accident. Oberron just wanted to help -- it's Puck who's like, retarded or something. Except for with Titania, where I guess he was just being kind of a jerk).

Stupid confusing things.

*Backstory to that: Once, Bekkah was reading 'Twelfth Night' and found the word 'Fantastical' in it. She thought I'd made the word up when I said it. So did I. We therefore hypothesized that Shakespeare (being awesome) invented a time machine and comes to the future to steal my words. It just hasn't happened. Yet.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New/ Kind of made my day.

MOOD: Sick.
TUNES: REPO! The Genetic Opera.

Hey, look! Robots! I decided to change my layout to include robots. Hope you like it!

So, today, I was at the clinic for my ortho appointment, and also I was getting a throat culture because I felt like crap and my throat hurts. Suddenly, while waiting to be called back for my stupid throat culture . . . a pizza hut guy walked in. With a pizza. He went to the other side of the clinic . . . dropped the pizza off, and left. Why? Just . . . why?! Who ordered pizza at the freaking hospital?

This was just a major 'LOLWUT' moment.

Oh, and as for the throat culture, I don't have strep, but the do a little follow up thing where they like, let it grow in a petri dish or something. If it's still not strep, or is strep, they'll call.

I hate always being sick. It's so stupid, and annoying, and I wish I was healthy all the time. Though that'd be kind of boring.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lies lies lies!

MOOD: There are a couple going on here. Gimme a minute, the post says it all.

Y'know what I don't like? When people say stuff like THIS:

When THEY "say stuff behind their back instead of just saying it to 'there' face!"

Would you like a side of EPIC with that FAIL?

How many fails do we have here?

1. Improper grammar.
2. Hypocrisy.
3. Improper capitalization.
4. Lots. And lots. Of improper spelling.

I counted five. Well, she herself is a fail, so let's just call it six. Y'know what?

I dislike people like you. We're freaking out about immigrants not speaking English when we can barely speak it ourselves! It's annoying and hypocritical and kind of xenophobic.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Mood: Optimistic
Tunes: Point of Extinction - Motion City Soundtrack

Good news, everyone! I've got a new project! I call it:


I've decided that for every day of the school year, I am going to have a quote! I'll find 180 quotes online, print them out, and put them in a jar -- I'll take one out every morning and carry it with me through the day, and at the end of the day, I'll tape it up in my locker.

I think it'd be a good idea to have a little tidbit in the morning to get me through the day, especially if I'm feeling a bad day coming on -- and it'll motivate me to actually come to school every single day so I can get my daily quote.

It won't be labelled as 'THIS IS FOR DAY 1' or something -- they'll just be random. And if any coincidences happen, well, that'll just make for more awesome.

And now, I just need to find 175 more quotes.

Pip pip, cheery-o, y'all!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


MOOD: Optimistic
TUNES: Nice Guys Finish Last - Cobra Starship

In recent news, for Tim's birthday, I spammed his facebook wall with pictures of Mudkips, because he hates them for some reason. How can you hate mudkips? They're adorable!

Tentaquil. It's a fake pokemon created by someone on 4Chan. It's awesome. It's signature move is 'Puke Blood.'

One of my favorite xkcd comics. I have a feeling that this will eventually happen when I have an apartment or place of my own.


Hey, look! I'm a Pokemon!

I love this quote -- whoever it's from. It embodies what everyone's mindset should be about themselves.

So, tomorrow, I'm finally getting my PERMIT. I passed the stupid test on Friday, and tomorrow, I'm doing the vision test and getting my picture taken and crap.


Started a new chapter of my fanfic last night, and I read a bit of 'Gregor the Overlander.' Actually, re-read. The entire series is just awesome. I'm re-reading a lot of stuff lately. In fact, I'm also re reading 'A Great and Terrible Beauty.'

I think you guys may or may not be sick of my ranting, so I'll go for now.


I forgot, but I looked at my schedule last night via the stupid school website which isn't very functional.

I got into every single class that I wanted to! I think this may or may not be the very first year where I don't have to go in and re-do my schedule.

Oh, in other news, I'm playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. ON NINTENDO 64, Y'ALL.

That is all.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Probably one of the most random posts I will ever make.

Pokemon fans! Does this remind you of anything?

It should, because it's . . .


This's Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, reading Breaking Dawn and being all like, WHAT IS THIS, LOL WUT?

This is me when I wake up in the morning (hair and all):

This is pedobear Edward Cullen.

(NOTE: Hey, I just noticed that the pic isn't working the way it should, so click on it to get the full affect, 'kay?! Thank you! - JD)

I recently started Driver's Ed and have been busy with learning about things like traffic cones (and their offspring, mini-traffic cones).

School will start up soon, I have Warped Tour on Sunday, I get my Learner's Permit week after next . . . man, I have a bit of a busy summer! But then again, before Driver's Ed, I was bored to tears, especially when my Pokemon game crashed. D:

But now, I'm having issues finding time to write! Both my fanfiction and my blog posts here have been dwindling since a little before this week (actually, my fanfiction I've been having issues with for a while. Fortunately, I got a chapter up yesterday).

OH HEY! My birthday is coming up!!

On a much less awesome note, Tim's birthday is tomorrow.


I'm very excited.

Oh! Also, today, we pre-filled out our course completion cards (blue cards) in Driver's Ed . . . not very exciting? It is when one guy messes up twice, and eventually has to resort to the instructor filling out his Blue Card. The first time, he put his name under 'Location.' The second time, he messed up his name.

Jeez, I don't think this kid should be driving if he can't fill out a Blue Card. And to top it all off, he's a jerk, so . . . yeah.

That's really all I have for you this time 'round.

Oh, you noticed my lack of 'Tunes' and 'Mood?' Well, I don't have 'Tunes' up because my computer refuses to believe that my speakers exist. 'Audio Device? What Audio Device?' And I thought that 'Mood' would be lonely up there by itself.

That's it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Six Billion Secrets

No, that's not my secret, but I feel so bad for this kid. I know how it feels, and it's horrible.

Fortunately, I've known since I was about 11. It's a frightening thing -- especially in their situation, where they haven't told their parents.

Just makes me sad, Y'know?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Razia's Shadow

Tunes: Toba the Tura - Forgive Durden, Razia's Shadow: A Musical
Mood: Tired, the frustrated, then good, then good, then good, and now, bad.

Everyone knows that relationships -- family, friends, lovers -- involve taking and giving on both parts. It's a basic understanding that some people somehow fail to understand. Some people do a lot of taking and very little giving. Some great people, contrary wise, do a lot of giving and very little taking. These people are like load stones, or keystones in the middle of an arch. Without them, that entire relationship would collapse, like an arch with no keystone.

A relationship kind of like that happens between me and my sister. She does some giving, but mostly takes. I don't take much and I give a lot.

I'm a loadbearer. I've known that for a while. You come to me with your problems and I'll sympathize and try to help with what I can.

But with my sister, she sees it as me the taking and her doing all the giving.

Who's sitting around not doing anything while Mackenzie looks for a flash drive?

Who asks Mackenzie to get her a needlenose pliers when she can easily get them herself?

Who thinks that she's superior in every way to me?

Who refuses to treat me like an adult? . . . when I'm treated like an adult probably 80% of the time?

I'm getting sick of doing all the giving in this relationship. It's not how a relationship should be. It should be an even balance on both sides.

I feel like Arima in Razia's Shadow. He was one of the two most gifted of The Scientist's (God's) Seraphs (angels), and he proved to The Scientist his gifts, but was brushed off, with no recognition. He made the lamps to show everyone his gift. Still no compensation or recognition. The Spider tells him 'You have a special gift, but they still treat you like you're a kid. It must feel so bad with a knife in your back.' The Spider convinces Arima to destroy the lamps in a spectacular display of his fury towards The Scientist. Arima, in his rage, destroys the lamps and sets The Scientist's creation (their world) ablaze.

Arima's intentions were good -- he wanted to change the world, impress The Scientist and Nidria (The other most gifted Seraph, and the girl he's in love with). All he wanted to do was good, and all he wanted was recognition. He didn't get it, and The Spider corrupted him.

Arima's world burns, and The Scientist and Nidria and the rest of the Seraphs go to another creation, and erected a wall between them. Arima's punishment was he was to stay on the Dark side forever. A prophecy was made by the Oracle that someone would reunite the Dark and the Light.

100 years later, on the Dark side, we have two boys -- Pallas, the heir, and Adakaias, the youngest. Adakaias dreams of another, better world. Everyone tells him he's stupid for thinking this, that he should be more like his brother. He feels the urge within him to escape the dark may be the prophecy. He remembers all the tales he heard as a child of the prophecy and Arima's story. Everyone's ashamed in him for being 'foolish,' his own brother claiming his is 'Naive and starry-eyed,' and that 'the Dark has been your home,' even threatening to hunt him down and kill him if he leaves the Dark.

Adakaias tells his brother that he can't help this feeling in his heart telling him to run -- that he, Pallas, was meant to rule the dark and that 'I was meant to see the sun!'

In the end, Adakaias leaves the Dark, tired of fiction, for the city of Light. He was disguised as a citizen, and once he got there, he was saying that he should have left earlier, and his hope was peaked -- that he was right. Then . . . he fell for someone, Princess Anhura -- who, much like Adakaias, spent much of her life dreaming of a different life.

I won't spoil the rest for you, because it's actually really weird to explain the last of it. Besides, I think it's better to get the story from the music than anything.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm bored, so I'm going to MS Paint the crap out of a picture of Alexander Skarsgard. I'm probably going to just give him a horrible looking mustache and make him all 'SHOOP DA WHOOP I'MMA FIRIN MA LAZOR.' This might become a feature: MS PAINT with ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. Maybe I'll do MS paint celebrity interviews. I dunno. I'll at least try that last one.



I'm going to admit I had a bit too much fun doing this.


Um . . . not with Alexander, though. Eric. (You guys remember Eric, right? He's a viking (NOT THAT KIND).

MAC: So, Eric, what do you think of my artistic portrayals of you?
ERIC: What did you do to my face?
M: I MS Painted it.
E: What's that?
M: Computer.
E: Go no further -- I hire people to do the computer stuff for me. I'm too old for things like that.
M: Great.
E: I think I'd look great with a mustache.
M: That's how I imagined you when you were disguising yourself as Leif from California. With a horrible fake mustache.
E: *Nods* I was thinking about it, but do you know how hard it is to find a place that sells fake mustaches after sundown? Pretty difficult.
M: You should have had Sookie pick one up for you.
E: Didn't think of that. She would have wondered what I needed it for.
M: CHANGE OF SUBJECT. So, for someone who's 1000 years old and swedish, you speak great english.
E: I took an 'English as a second language' night class a while back.
M: *Nods* nice, nice . . . wait . . . how far back? How long is 'a while' for vampires?
E: How long is 'a while' for you?
M: It can be anywhere between a few days and a few years.
E: For vampires -- well, for myself, it's anywhere between a few years and a few hundred years.
M: Wow.
E: *Shrugs*
M: So how's your business -- Fangtasia -- coming along?
E: Pretty good now that we got rid of that thief.
M: The one who was . . . well, what other definition of 'thief' is there . . . stealing from you?
E: Longshadow, yeah.
M: Yeah. Embezzlement.
E: Embezzler.
M: Yup.
E: Well, I have to be back in Shreveport in a while . . . I've tried leaving Pam to run the bar and it never goes too well.
M: Well, it's been nice talking to you.
E: Any time.
M: After sundown, that is.
E: Exactly.

As you can tell, I'm extremely bored.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

You've caught my HEART! ... sending HEART to Lanette's PC.

Aww. Where can I get Valentines like this?

ICH MOECHTE. (German tip: If you can't do umlauts on your PC or other device, like a cellphone, put an E after the umlauted letter.)

Translated: I WANT.

I think it's really cute!

Today . . . is boring. Steph and I were going to go biking, but she doesn't feel up to par, so we're rescheduling for tomorrow. Nothing is going on, no one to talk to . . . and I'm getting so frustrated trying to find a Relicanth on Pokemon Ruby. DO THEY EVEN EXIST? ARE THE REGIS LYING TO ME?

Eh-hem. Sorry, got a little carried away. I'm serious -- I cannot find one of these stupid things for the life of me. I've tried using Sweet Scent, I've tried just lookin' around for one . . . I haven't even SEEN one. It's getting so annoying! I JUST WANT TO UNLOCK THE REGIS. It took me forever to evolve my Wailmer into a Wailord alone. All to unlock the Regis so I can complete my Pokedex.

Oh, last night, I was up really late watching Good Eats (ALTON BROWN FTW) and Criminal Minds (GIDEON AND SPENCER FTW). And Alton made like, a million Beatles references. He was talking about pepper (the KING OF SPICES) and was talking to the English Expedition-looking guy in a tree, and he's like:

P: I'm Pepper, nice to meet you.
(Pepper talk)
Alton: Pepper . . . (points to pepper's uniform) military?
P: Yes, Sergeant.
Alton: (Looks towards camera) Sergeant Pepper.

(Sergeant Pepper Lonely Heart's Club Band.)

During the pepper talk . . .

SP: Me and my colleague, Mr. Kite . . .
Alton: (Dramatic Sigh, looks towards the camera)

(Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite.)

And, at the end of the show, when Alton was making small talk with Sergeant Pepper -- who was actually not a sergeant anymore, he had just been promoted:

Alton: So, you have a daughter Lucy, right?
Pepper: Oh, yes.

(Lucy in the sky with diamonds.)

This is why I love this show. Just the total weirdness mixed in with the cooking and science. And puppets (you can't forget the puppets, people!).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fathers Day

This is Terry. I don't know what to do for him for Vaterstag (Fathers Day, for you non-Germanish people).

(JSYK, That's my Snuggie.)

I have no idea whatsoever. I've only had a 'Dad' in any function of the word for just over a year now. Last year, we got him a card (it had a fat guy holding a huge fish on the front).

I made Mom cupcakes in bed and breakfast at the table, and got her a candle and a cute card. I'm just blanking out about Terry, though. It's like . . . I don't know. (ICH WEISS NICHT!)

Ach nein! Schnell, Schnell!!

Sorry. That was random.

OH, I forgot something. Dezzy (remember, Dezzy? Rocktheexistance?) and I have decided to find a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen and videotape out shenanigans with him. We'll be hiding him in bathrooms and going on dates with him, insisting that we get TWO tickets to a movie.

Stephanie (no blog, just . . . yeah) suggested that we shove him in the passenger seat of a car and use him to drive in the carpool lane, with a camera on the dash.

I just Googled 'Where do I get a cardboard cut-out of Edward Cullen?' and it yielded 6,950,000 results.

How about 'Buy an Edward cardboard cut-out'? - 159,000

Lemme add 'Cullen' to that - 7,250,000. It went up with specific-ness.

Hmm. Let's add 'cheap' - 7,220,000. Hmm, it's narrowing down.

Let's add 'life size' - 7,220,000. No reduction.

Let's check eBay! 10 results for 'Edward Cullen standee.' The cheapest is $26.99 + shipping($9.00). The most expensive is $69.95 +


Where do you live that it's so expensive to ship?

80 Results for 'Twilight Standee.'

Where do you even pertain these cardboard cutouts? Standees, whatever they are?

45 results for 'Harry Potter standee.'

0 for 'True Blood standee.' Hmm, kinda disappointed. I was hoping for a life-size Eric to creep people out with. Stick it outside their windows, in their beds, creepy places.

I'm rambling, so I think I'll stop now.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

30 things.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 30 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 30 random things, tag 30 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.) "

This is a Facebook game. I've decided to participate -- albeit, on my blog.

1. I'm almost always cold for no apparent reason.

2. I hang out in the art room more often then I probably should (considering I don't even have an art class this semester . . .).

3. My manners were taught and enforced by Hannibal Lecter, MD.

4. Sometimes, I try and imagine how I would go about directing a random play at my school.

5. I own two pairs of Converse Hi-Tops: Red and Purple.


7. I secretly admire my sister.

8. I get overly defensive way, way too much.

9. I know too much. I know something about almost everything. I seem to just pick up random tidbits of knowledge.

10. I confuse my Psychiatrist sometimes.

11. I admit that I have some problems.

12. I feel that I am destined for something far greater than my current, small life holds. I have big dreams and I plan on fulfilling them.

13. I don't like having shit talked about me. That tends to trigger number eight. In fact, number eight seems to be triggered by a lot of things.

14. Once, I had this dream. I was sitting with my Grandpa, on like, a boat on a lake in the middle of a forest. All of a sudden, this HUGE whale pops up -- just it's mouth, though -- the rest of it was submerged. I was like 'WHOA, IT'S A WHALE.' and Grandpa was like, 'MAYBE IT WAS THIS OR THAT.' And then it popped up again and he's like, 'OH, HEY, IT IS A WHALE.'

15. I have BICYCLES on my feet. Your argument is irrelevant.

16. Me and Tim may fight like an old married couple, but we'd probably do anything for each other. Albeit in a witty, sarcastic, dramatical way.

17. My brain is amazing. It can maintain several 'lives' at once. I can be expanding the story line of one writing in my brain while doing other stuff with various other writings.

18. I get really frustrated when I'm trying to draw something and my stupid hand can't do what my brain wants it to.

19. I write fanfiction.

20. I like this guy. Maybe he likes me back. Maybe he doesn't. I don't know, and I'm afraid to find out.

21. I follow PostSecret like some kind of weblog hawk.

22. I lose things frequently.

23. I think I scare people sometimes.

25. One of my favorite, stupidly amazing websites is

26. I love cult musicals. Especially weird ones like Phantom of the Paradise and Shock Treatment, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

27. Once, spontaneously, I got up in front of my entire choir class during a presentation and did the Time Warp.

28. Sometimes, I feel like my life is based around songs I hear and listen to.

29. Sometimes, I think I can tell the future. I think I'm precognitant or presentient.

30. There was no number 24.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Real Slick, Buddy.

This oil spill's really ticking me off. Some scientist recently said it would be better to euthanize the birds than to clean them and re-release them.

Umm . . . no?

Why would you kill them? Really? You're killing them because they're covered in oil. If I got covered in oil and it wasn't my fault, would you kill me?

It's not the bird's fault. It's BP's.

Is anyone going to get punished for this? Yeah. The birds.

I don't know -- is anyone considering filing a lawsuit against BP? I mean, really -- it's been what, forty-something days now? Forty-something days now. Forty days of (And this is what I picture*) a bunch of suits sitting around an office talking about how the gas price will go up and they might just have to get rid of their second Hummer or Ferarrhi**. What on earth are these people actually doing? I want to see the productivity. Where is my productivity?

I was talking to my grandfather* about the oil spill, and he told me that they* were considering doing something that the Soviet Union did when they had an oil spill a long while ago*. See, the put -- get this, they put an atomic bomb a couple thousand feet below the leak. They set it off and the force and heat and everything melded the leak closed. Am I the only person to think that this is a mix of retarded and awesome? Except the U.S. would probably, somehow screw it up. It would kill everything, or it wouldn't go off, or it would do nothing to the oil spill somehow, or -- with our luck -- the oil would burn and kill everything.

*- My imagination does things like this.
*- I probably spelt that wrong.
*- Eddie knows too much about everything. Where did you think I got it from?
*- BP, The Gov't, whoever.
*- You probably didn't know about it because first, it happened a long while ago, and second, there's nothing for the oil to affect in Siberia. Because there's nothing in Siberia, period.

Let's get off a heated subject and onto some random stuff.

The guy I like was making funny faces at me during choir. Also, I've fallen in love with the new musical Paradise Lost, by Eric Whitacre. Here's the trailer:

I absolutely love the trailer -- our choir teacher showed it to us because
I'm pretty sure he's in love with Eric Whitacre.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!


Waaait a second. The video above isn't the one I wanted. Gimme a second.


Enjoy this one too. I like this one best, because of the footage and narration.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Untie your mind.

Tunes: The Missing Piece - Forgive Durden
Mood: Slightly upbeat

I love this song. It's beautiful and I can listen to it over and over and over.

"Everything seems to fade
when I see his face,
The sun and stars all dim
every time I look at him"

Youtube it.

I want to draw something. I think I will.

Later, readers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My future, imaginary bakery in my mind.

Sometimes, I like to imagine what my bakery will look like when I own one. I know, for one, that this picture (yep, the one RIGHT THERE) will be hanging up.

I guess right now I'm doing this because I wasn't invited to the little birthday party my older sister is having with the rest of the family . . . excluding Mackenzie. Yaaaay. I feel like such a part of the family. Not only have I not seen Mom for days, but I need to talk to her, too.

My sister's turning 19 today and all she's really said to me today is "(whispered) With Stormy*!" and "No, you can't come with, I don't want my car full of people." When I asked if I could accompany her and my little bro Dylan to the park. And, later, "I need keys to Mom's house."

Three sentences. Really? I know it's all about her today, but I still exist, don't I? I mean, really, she's been way up north for college for nine months and mom's mainly been focused on her and the wee ones -- she admitted to that during one of my appointments.

To my Mom, I'm the primary concern . . . and the least of her concerns. I somehow fill both of those spaces (not quite sure how).

I want to go to Narnia. Everyone likes me there.

Or maybe I should just go back to my part time job in the Twilight Zone. Maybe the store keeper will hire me again since I'll be open all summer.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


OK Folks, listen up. I've been in a bad mood due to several stupid things, several of which I didn't talk about in my last post. So I think it's time for a


And here's a bunny, since for some reason, all the rest of the pictures are of otters.

OK. Cute overload achieved.

I've recently been thinking about how most of my baking escapades come from boxes. And I've decided to try and remedy that, and to expand my culinary horizons in addition to that. So, soon . . . maybe even . . . THIS SUMMER (dun dun duuuuhn)! I will be conquering several baking missions.

Petits Fours
Macarons (no misspelling there, people. Google it. Awesome)
Chocolate Ganash
Frosting the perfect cupcake
And many, many more.

Hopefully, I'll remember pictures.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crash Crash.

Tunes: All I Ask Of You - POTO
Mood: Indescribable yet again (but for vastly different reasons)

The guy I like is pining over his ex.

Maybe all of this has just been in my head.

What else is only inside my head? All of my achievements? Everything I love? Is it all fake?

No. This is all for real. But maybe those stupid 'luff' emotions were irrational -- they probably were.

Irrational . . . but never fake. Who came up with this stupid 'luff' thing anyway?!

Who needs it?

Besides . . . she doesn't want him.

This is best expressed algebraically:

A likes B. B likes C. C does not like B. A hates C with a burning passion in A's heart. And they all live horribly ever after. Story of my life, currently.

A = interesting, independent, and stubborn.
B = smart, cool, and gives very nice comments.
C = cannot be described in words appropriate for this blog. Though I will throw a few out: Ho . . . and I think I might have to make up new words to describe her. Sluttastic, for one (note to readers: I love how my computer counts 'Ho' and 'Slut' as words). If you guys can think of any others . . . tell me. Oh, and some family-friendly adjectives: Inappropriate, loud, rude, naive, horrible, disrespectful.

As I said in my older post about this stuff . . . it turned out to be true. I didn't fall in 'luff,' I crashed. And I narrowly avoided burning. And being ripped to shreds.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Operation Mother's Day: A GO!

So, revamp of Mother's day plan.


Frost Cupcakes (check)
Make sure present/card is in order (check)
Pack (not check)

The plan now is that I'mma spend the night at mom's, because I realized that I'm too lazy and asthmatic to both wake up early AND bike over there. She's not suspecting anything! She thinks me being at her house is the present.

Go to mom's (not check)
Set cellphone alarm for 7:00 (not check)
Sleep (not check)

OP: SUNDAY (morgen)

Wake up!
Get dressed
Secretly make fantabulous breakfast
Wake up the 'rents
Give Mom present
Breakfast (OM NOM NOM).

We all good on the new plan?

OK, I'mma go pack.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eric and Erik!

I want you guys to meet Eric Northman. He's a viking. And a Vampire. And he can fly. He's pretty bomb. Also, earlier in the season, he looked like Kurt Cobain.

He's Eric, from True Blood. Played by Alexander Skarsgard, who threw Lady Gaga off a balcony in one of her music videos, and was killed in another.

Oh, and he's not to be confused with Erik.

That's Erik. He's Erik, and has no technical last name. He's the phantom of the opera. He lives in a lair (not to be confused with MY lair. Which is the computer room). He's played by a bunch of people -- most of whom are also totally awesome.

Just FYI.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


TUNES: 'I should tell you' - Rent

. . . why do I get butterflies thinking about this guy? How is it that I can stand singing, talking, in front of hundreds of people, yet I'm still feeling like this? I can't look at a picture of him without feeling like this. I can't make eye contact with a picture of him without feeling butterflies flapping around in there.

And I still don't trust this whole 'luff' thing. I'm suspicious of it's intentions.

Maybe I should just admit it. I don't get it or even understand it because I don't even trust my own two feet. Who am I to trust this stupid stomach feeling that just came waltzing in? I'm a bit frightened. I want to trust desire -- I want to learn.

Well, here we go
Now, we . . .
Oh, no.
I know this something is . . .
Here goes.
Yes, so it's starting to . .
Who knows . . .
Who knows?
Who knows where?
Who goes there?
Who knows?
Here goes . . .
Trusting desire --
Starting to learn,
Walking through fire . . .
Without a burn!
Clinging a shoulder . . .
A leap begins . . .
And older
Asleep on pins!
So here we go . . .
Now we --
Oh, no . . .
I know . . .
Oh, no.
Who knows where?
Who goes there?
Here goes . . .
Here goes . . .
Here goes . . .
Here goes . . .
Here goes . . .
Here goes . . .

Thank you, Rent, for being able to say something when I can't.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Retarded miniventure.

TUNES: Sugar we're goin' down - Fall Out Boy
Mood: Meh : |

Some people who read this blog may know about the retarded adventure that started with my friend Dezzy -- from Rock the Existance -- posted something of FB about wanting to be a Hobbit. Well, that hasn't happened, (but it will -- oh yes, it will) -- but we had a retarded miniventure today!

It all started in Gym, where we were playing tennis. We all decided it was too cold and wanted to go play on the little kid's playground, but knew Mrs. P would yell at us. So Kristen chucked a ball over the fence into the trees by the playground. We pretended to go 'searching' for it when, in reality, we climbed on the playground and went down the slide. Oh, and if anyone asks, we went to Narnia.

A lot of insane things happened in Gym. We started pretending out rackets were lightsabers when Dezzy realized that when you swung them, the made the wooshy noise. And Allyson's misinterpreted "I was waving my lightsaber and it cut my leg off!" which, by Dezzy's ears was actually "My vagina's a lightsaber and it cut my leg off!" Which, in my opinion, is a drastic difference. Then of course there's the fact that I can't hit the ball when it's right in front of me . . . and when I DO hit it, it just drops to the ground. No bounce.

In other awesome news . . . guess who got into the Rum River Art Show? Mackenzie did! Yay!

Oh, and I think I'm starting a new feature. "Things about the girl I hate." They'll probably be at the end of the post . . . because I just thought of it and can't think of where else to fit it into the post.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

*frowny face*

:( I want donuts. I haven't had a good, bakery donut in what seems like forever. I'm seriously considering buying some tomorrow. Like, walking down to the bakery after school and getting some donuts. Om nom.

I think this is a good idea for a food related picdump.
Hehe. Guess who wants a snowcone now?

^^^^Here's the inspiration for my birthday cake.
^^^^^^^^^And here's my birthday cake. It was pretty bomb, peeps. It was blue on the inside, too.

(I'd like to remind people that I regularly use Google for my images, so all but one of those might have a copyright. The other REPO! Cake probably doesn't, but you never know. Also, got that pic from the good peeps over at the repo-opera forums. I think someone made that cake for one of the tour days.)

Also, made my birthday cake myself. I'll probably make mine again this year. What theme shall I use? Hmmm . . .

Interesting . . .

Breaking news here -- well, not really, considering this has been going on for months and I just remembered to blog about it.

My guinea pigs . . . are not as retarded as they look. And they look relatively retarded.

So, a little while back, I looked over at their hut, and noticed that they were chewing on the walls. Once again, they look pretty retarded. Then . . . I noticed that where the teeth marks were. They were at fat guinea pig hip level.

They were gnawing away the walls of their hut to accommodate their fatness.

I couldn't believe it -- and neither could my sister. We were laughing so hard, it was unbelievable!

OH, I forgot.

Mother's day is closing in on us! And for my mom, who's put up with my crap for almost fifteen years, I've decided to actually do something for her this year.

Mother's day has never been a big thing in my family. Don't quite know why -- maybe it has something to do with being a single mom for fourteen years? I dunno. But Steph and I have done various things for mom throughout the years, in grade school, little projects, and when Steph hit high school and I hit fifth grade, we graduated to ordering her tulips (mom's a sucker for Tulips). I've baked her stuff before, but normally, we just say 'Happy Mother's day, Mom,' and go on with our day.

This year, I've decided to do something different, though. And by 'different,' I mean 'actually doing something.'

I've decided I shall make her pink cupcakes, with white frosting, get her a card, and get her some flowers.

There may be something to explain my recent development in 'wanting to do stuff for mom'-ness. Mom and I have had some . . . rocky arguments lately. We tend to make up pretty fast, but I still feel like a bit of a jerk (even though I know it's not my fault.)

Also, as of this year, (and last year, actually, but that doesn't count because there was too much going on) mom is a mother of five instead of her usual two. Mom got married last year, and married herself into an amazing dork with three . . . well, two half time kids and Jordan. Jordan just does whatever. Megan and Dylan he has half (51%) custody of. Meg and Dyl are hard to stand, but I irrevocably love them in some weird way. (I know, it's hard to believe that I have a heart, isn't it?)

But yeah, Mom gets pink cupcakes, a card (probably musical), and quite possibly Tulips. I may or may not sneak into the house and make her breakfast. No, wait, I will. Yeah. I'll ask Terry what time she usually gets up on days off -- and make sure it's her day off.

BREAKING NEWS: Mom's got the day off, and she normally wakes up at about 7:00.

So, plan of action!

Operation: Mothers Day!

Bake Cupcakes, Frost, get tulips if I end up doing that. Set alarm for 6:00. I may or may not get the card before this.
Get up at 6:00, dress, pack everything, leave house at 6:30, bike to Mom's house with necessary components for breakfast extravaganza. Dump bike in yard, go inside, prepare breakfast. Complete breakfast, set table, wake up Mom, Terry, and kids. Eat, displays of love, etc. Happiness ensues! Yay! Theeeen, cupcakes.

Now, what shall be on the breakfast menu?

Pancakes -- Homemade, that is. And pink.
Scrambled Eggs. Probably the normal color.

I'll keep the pancakes in the oven on super low to make sure they stay warm and not crappy until everything's ready.

Terry and the kids'll eat at the table, and I might serve mom breakfast in bed or something. If she doesn't want that, she can come out and eat with us.

I think I'll go check how my bike's working.