Sunday, November 22, 2009

The note: Part 2 of 3

Hello! And welcome to the thrilling almost-conclusion of my 'The Note' saga. As you read in my last post, I recently received an interesting note. I'll have you keep in mind this all happened on Thursday -- not over the course of a few days.

So on thursday, I looked for #2 in the morning and a little later in the day. It wasn't there. My friends Bekkah and Tim offered to help. So when lunch rolled around, Bekkah came over to our (Tim and I's) table. Tim and I scarfed down our lunches, chatted with Mrs. D for a bit, and headed off to the library. We found it in the remaining copy of 'The Twelfth Night' by Shakespeare. Here's what it read:

Nice job, Mackenzie! I commend you. This next one's a bit tricker, but I know you can do it. Here goes:

Across from the room of the director of the plays
There on the wall hangs a glass case.
"Drama News" is across the top,
But think of a word that starts with "opp."
Over-under, left to right
If you get this, you'll sleep well tonight.


So we immediately ran up to the fourth floor across from Mr. Hirsch's room (He's the drama director) to the display case. This next note was taped under it:

Quick! There's a fire! What do you get?
The fourth floor extinguisher I bet.

P.S. Sorry it's so short. :)

There's an extinguisher across from the display case -- it's not on that one. Tim and Bekkah recall there are at least two on this floor. We go to the other one -- not there. Then I recall that I think there's one in the fourth floor math hallway. We run over there -- and this is taped to the back:

On 1st floor, the worst class in the world.
Every time I run, I want to hurl.
Small lockers in the middl, tall ones on the side.
Look to number 1
In me, you can confide.

P.S. The end doesn't really make sense, but I couldn'tt think of another word to rhyme. :)

We figured it was in the girl's locker room. Tim said it may be in the boy's locker room, which is why we need him. I told him that if it's not there, he can check the guy's locker room. We ran down the staircase, to the girl's locker room -- thankfully, it was their 5th hour class, so no one was in there -- and we ran to locker number one. Inside, was this:

A piece of paper with "Last Clue!" written on it!

Little birdy, in the tree,
Little birdy, flee, flee, flee,
To the wonderful library.
By the computer where people see
Which book they would like to read.


Then . . .

The bell rang. We were just about to go up to the library, too. I looked at Bekkah and Tim and said, "Screw it -- I'll take a late to Band. You guys go ahead, I'll report back to you." And then I headed to the library.

Where I found nothing. Frustrated, I went first to my locker, then to band, where Mrs. Parson seemed not to notice me entering late. She was busy talking about some seventh grader who was vandalising instruments (Ben filled me in on what happened). Next hour, I showed Alycia the notes because she wanted to know what was going on so far. That's when Mrs. Stevens said we would be in the library today. Alycia and I looked at eachother, a little weirded out. "That's convenient," Alycia said. "Yes. Very," I responded. In there, I finished my paper about "The Birds" and went exploring. Again, nothing. A little crestfallen, I got a drink of water and went to German class, where I filled Katie in on what happened once she got back from the Aladdin performance. Once class dismissed, I tore outta there and met Bekkah in the hallway outside of the German and Spanish rooms (She's taking spanish). We went to the library --

Where Bekkah immediately found something.

. . . it was a Badminton Birdie.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Note - Part One of ???

Tunes - Must Get Out -- Maroon 5
Mood - Interest piqued

Something weird happened today. Jesse handed me a note during lunch, saying, "I don't know who it was, they just said to give it to you."

Thinking it would be something stupid, I opened it with caution. I found nothing that I expected.

The letter reads as follows:

Congratulations! You've found the first clue! This piece of paper along will send you on a journey unlike anything you've ever experienced in your life. Don't try to guess who this is, Mackenzie (insert my last name here). You won't. I've observed your actions well. You are 14, love to participate in plays and lavish in reading and writing. You especially love to write "Fanfics," and Phantom of the Opera is your all-time favorite movie, I know one of your favorite rooms in the school, and it is where your journey begins.

In a room with computers lining a desk,
Books galore, and fine ladies at best.
You'll start towards the back, where nobody goes
In the nonficiton section with an author you know.
His name is Bill Shakespeare, and something happened on the twelfth night.
I trust you Mackenzie. You'll get it right.

~ O

P.S. If your feeling lost and don't have a clue, email (insert a gmail address here). I doubt you'll have to use it though. Good luck. :)

My interest was immediately piqued by this new adventure. So right before 7th hour, I went to the library for some help. I didn't find anything. So I went back after school and ended up checking out 'The Twelfth Night' by Shakespeare. I haven't found anything yet. I'm thinking of using the email they provided for a clue. I'll regularly update this, and I've decided to start chronicaling the process of this wild adventure.

Until next time,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello Brooklyn, Hey L.A.

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OK, I've decided sometime next summer (not this coming summer, next one) when I get my driver's license, I'm going to go on a spontaneous road trip. Hopefully after my birthday (around when I'll be getting my license fo' reals) so I'll have cash mounted up from my birthday money. For gas. I'll probably pack food and just go on a spontaneous road trip -- preferably with someone else so we don't have to stop driving except to gas up or stop for stuff -- just for the heck of it.

Since my birthday's earlier in the month of August (august 6th), I'll have the sixth until whenever school starts to fulfil my roadtrip . . . awesomeness. Assuming I get school supplies and stuff beforehand. Which I assume I will. I'll hopefully have a laptop by then so I'll be able to blog my way through my roadtrip. That'll be the awesomest thing this blog will see BY FAR.


Actually, this week, I have a selection of quotes from Katie's Halloween party last night.

*In response to Rudy falling off the cliff in Ice Age Three*

*Out on the bike trail (at like, 10:30-11:00 at night)*
DR. J (Katie's dad): Yeah, last night I was out here and I was scared. *Dons pseudo-creepy voice* It was a dark and stormy night. A shot was heard in the distance, a girl screamed *Taylor randomly, kind-of screamed*, and a pirate ship appeared on the horizon . . .
TAYLOR: This story is getting less and less believeable.
ME: *In gales of laughter*