Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry to be tardy to the party . . .

but I've been busy as heck -- I've got to set up summerschool and all that stuff.

Katie's (Late) Quote Of The Week:


and . . .

"YOU'RE . . . TOO . . . LITTLE . . . !

Tomorrow, I PROMISE two fresh quotes from Katie herself.

I got brownie points from the play choreographer for my Anne Frank cake -- she had some because she's like, my english teacher's best friend. Don't ask. But, I got major -- MAJOR brownie points.

Speaking of Deb the Choreographer . . .

I was at my sister's boyfriends little dinner-theater performance in my town, and during intermission, Deb came up to me, and a little conversation ensued:

DEB: Y'know one thing that became apparent when I was watching your Anne Frank performance?

ME: And what was that?

DEB: YOU are a Drama kid!*** Most of the other kids, after they did their part, they just kinda stared off into space -- while YOU where acting from *snaps* beginning to end *snaps*. But yea -- YOU are a Drama kid! Just thought you'd like to know that!

ME: *Smiles profusely*

*** OK, just so you know, being an *Official* Drama kid is the highest degree of compliment I've gotten since Katie's older brother -- IT'S SAM! -- said I was good. He's like, the best actor in our school -- that was one awesome moment there, but having the Choreographer, who works with both the senior - and junior- high directors, and has seen me act a good few times . . . that's a freaking AMAZING compliment -- yay me!

. . . I was going to have a celebratory picdump . . . but the stupid thing is NOT working again . . . Grrr.

Oh, and this is for Bekkah ---


Sunday, May 24, 2009

News News News! (& Karma)

I'm sad to report that tomorrow is Memorial day -- henceforth, no school -- henceforth, no Katie Quote until TUESDAY! *Wipes tear from face* I know, sad, sad, sad! BUT -- I will give you two quotes instead of one. So, be happy for tuesday!

Oh, yes, and to all of you who read the first post about Fred -- my dictionary, I'd like to post a picture of him for you all:

. . . my computer is being a jerk, so I'll try to get a picture later.

So, there is Fred -- who contributed to with the wonderful name . . . meltdown logic. A round of applause for Fred, everyone! *clapclapclapclap*

On to bigger and better things . . .

Like tuesday, and tommorow. Tommorow, I have to make a cake for the scene in Anne Frank that my english class is doing [Act II scene I, I'm Mrs. Frank.]. I'm thinking chocolate cake w/ vanilla frosting, so I can add a bit of food coloring and write 'Peace in 1944' on the top in colored frosting, with white frosting as a base. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday -- Anne Frank, as I said. Hopefully, Mrs. Frank will not have to smack a ho -- I'm stuck with two idiots who can't act and are complaining about their parts -- while one of them has the male lead. My english teacher says that she may be doubting his acting abilities, and may be switching him over to narrator. Hehehe -- Karma at it's best.

Speaking of Karma, my sister and I saw that the Brownie batter blizzard is back -- so we went to get ice cream. She wanted a crunch cone -- she loves her crunch cones. This is a good time to mention that she always eats a big bite of my blizzard every time I order one because she gets her hands on it first.

Back to this, though. She goes to order. Mine's good to go - I got the BBB, and it turns out, they don't have any crunch -- and there won't be any until tomorrow. What now?! She takes a big bite of my blizzard -- but then she hands me her chocolate soft serve cone, which I take a bite of myself.

Karma finally taught my sister a lesson!

That's all for today . . .

Oh, yeah . . .

On thursday, my grade is due to go to this pseudo-water park.

And I hate how my stomach looks with my swimsuit.

Legs? No prob.

Boobs? Totally fine.

. . . tummy?

No. I just can't deal with how my stomach looks. I mean, I know that I'm on the heavy side . . . but . . . yeah. I mean, what self-respecting teen has strech marks? Ew. Well, there's me, and I suppose a few other weirdies.

Fortunatley, I am one of the few people with body issues that knows that:

A) Cutting does not make you lose weight,
B) Anorexia is not going to get me anywhere
C) Neither will Bulimia.

That's kind of a plus side . . .

In some perverse way, I suppose it's a plus.

Kind of.

Besides, I have PostSecret to help me.

Yay hooray for Frank and PostSecret.

For anyone out there with problems . . .

it really, really helps.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Random things

OK first off . . . todays quote, there, on the right -- is by a guy named Francis BACON. How amazing is that? Seriously? Bacon rules, yo.
Katies Quote Of The Week!
"I think Hell . . . Is East. *Points to her right*"

OK, that's done with.

NEWS FLASH! I am now rescheduled to go to Phantom on THURSDAY. The upside to this?

1) I got to go to the Fall Out Boy Concert last night,
2) I get better seats
3) I get to come to school on a FRIDAY with a PHANTOM HIGH.
4) I'll get to . . .
5) I forgot number four.
6) And five and six.
7) And seven.
8) Oh well.

Also, early picdump -- because I dont think I'll be posting on wednesday. So . . . early picdump! Yay!
I think that may conclude my post.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey there -- new post here, though it's nothing special. Phantom in three days -- technically, I'm counting today. Not counting today, which I normally do, it's two. So . . . yeah, two days not counting today. Wonderful thing, theater . . .

So -- I'm currently at this cool little hangout, warehouse 214, in my town. Nice place, kinda cool. Reminiscent of Block 22 in Blue Bloods, kinda -- but not really. Going out for Pizza with some friends after this, at four-thirty.

Mrs. D -- my favorite former teacher, gave me an amazing copy of Dracula, Frankenstein, along with Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde -- great books, all of them, and are sure to keep me up at night.

Gotta go --

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New feature?

OK, I'm very excited about going to Phantom in three days -- so I'm declaring wednesdays PicDump Wednesday! So I've got fifteen images to show you -- NOTE: None of these are mine -- I stumbled most of these, so don't sue me, sue the internet for being so amazing sometimes.

And here is your picdump!

I hope you enjoy this new feature -- I think I do! I also hope to continue this blog through the next few years -- maybe even through High school. And I hope I gather a handful of faithful readers to see me through these years -- thank you to all my readers!

Monday, May 11, 2009

News and maybe another rant . . . ?

First off, a site that I left off of my original first post list:

It's a nice site about cool human oddities -- such as Grady Stiles Jr. The Murdereous lobster man! A good read if you're bored or need something to occupy you. I stumbled it a while back and totally loved it!

OK, so I've decided to add a new feature to my blog:

Katie's quote of the week!

It'll be a weekly quote by my friend Katie -- she's immensely cool . . . like Giraffe cool. (And giraffes are like, cool.)

Ok, so here is is:

Katies quote of the week is . . .

"I love raisins -- they're wrinkley and remind me of old people!"

So, there is our Katie-ism for the week! I suppose I could rant . . . for a bit. I suppose I could do a 'Grinds My Gears' rant, about things that just grind my gears. So let's start with clingy people.

OK, so I know this guy -- known him since third grade -- and he's just so freaking clingy. He thinks I'm his best friend -- news flash, but, no offense, you're not. Ok, this guy is not to be confused with John. John is fantastical. This guy loses at life. (more on the losing/winning of life scale later, though.) He's just so . . . gaaaahhh. I want to carve him into the mashed potatoes I'm eating (Three or four cheese -- betty crocker. It's instant.) and then stab it. The potatoes. Because, of course, I still want to eat them. (Who would put amazing food like that to waste? Seriously?)

Also, you know what really grinds my gears? Crappy food. Like freezer-burnt TV dinners -- ew. I prefer stuff like Fish Fillets, wontons, general tso's chicken, pasta, anything with Garlic in it (except freezer-burnt TV dinners!), and my aunt's amazing pork and carrot and stuff eggrolls. Yum-O (I hope that's not copyright infringement . . .). Oh, and pudding. Yes. I love my pudding. (Yum -- now I'm craving pudding! To the refrigerator!) Freezer pizza is OK too, as long as you put some extra cheese and onions on it. (I know, I'm a freak.)

OK, I promised you information on the winning and losing of life scale. It goes on a rating of Epic win, to Epic flail, to Epic FAIL.

Epic Win:
Bekkah, etc.

Epic Flail:
Billy Mayes
the Daleks from Dr. Who

Epic FAIL:
Aformentioned guy
Other stupid guy that I know
The guy that punched me in the face
Above guy's hick friend.

So, everythings doubleplusgood, right?


Another thing that grinds my gears is people that think they're awesomely amazing -- you know, those people who's heads are so far up their butts that they're having adventures in Narnia? Yeah, those people. You know who you are.

I think.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The other first post

Since the first post was so boring, I've decided to make a FIRST POST VERSION 2.0! So, this post is going to be a rant. What's it about? A lot of things! From banned books to H1-N1, here comes my rant.

OK, so I don't get why some books are banned in some places (like kansas) and not in other places, like minnesota. And what makes them banned? I mean, Nineteen Eighty-four's been banned in who knows how many states? It's a good book too. Kinda like Maximum Ride, but more on that later. I think some books are banned -- and sometimes burned -- because some idiots think it will influence people like me in the wrong ways. How do you influence someone in the wrong way? Influence is influence, one way or the other. I mean, my sixth grade teacher influenced everyone badly, but no one says anything about it but me. My seventh grade study skill teacher influenced me in like, the best possible ways, and everyone speaks well of her. In real life, no one cares to bring up bad influence, but with books, it's like . . . like in "The Chocolate War" There are some . . . explicit scenes . . . in it. Well, someone sees that, or sees that "The Catcher In The Rye" swears every ten words, and they're all like,


When in fact it's a really good book that could help your kid figure out their life. For example: My sister does not want me to read "Lord Of The Flies" (This is banned in some places -- not where I live. It seems our curiculum is made up of mostly banned books, such as "Brave New World," and "The Giver," along with stuff like, "Animal Farm," and "Nineteen Eighty-four.") Because I "Won't understand it" Yeah. No. I've been reading at a college level for four-five years now. I have the vocabulary of an English major, and my sister says I "Won't understand it?" Yeah, maybe it has some 'olde' english in it, but I've seen three Shakespeare plays -- I get 'olde' english pretty well. I'm determined to read it, before eleventh grade, too -- when my sister read it.

This subject is getting a little hot (get it, burning books?), so I'm moving on to something else:

Politics and the crap going on around the globe.

Let's start with the swine flu. Eh-hem, I mean H1-N1.


Seriously. I think the press is just going to town with this. I mean, a big, juicy bone of a story for every reporter across the globe? Who wouldn't hop at the chance? I would. Honestly. I would totally blow everything out of proportion -- inflate the ammount of possible cases, everything. If I ran the press, this'd be a disaster.

But I'm a blogger, so I get to trash them for this.

It's terrible. I mean, it's great that they're admitting that it's dying down, but then they add ominously, "But it'll be back and even worse come autumn and winter!" Oooh. Scary. The idea is (sarcasm) So, so frightening! (/sarcasm)

I hope that I'm not going to get vaporized 1984-style for typing this. *Gulp*

Oh, well.

I think I'll talk about upcoming events in my life next.

I'm going to Phantom Of The Opera on May 17th -- one week to go! I've been a Phantom Of The Opera 'Phan' since I was ten. It's been a while. I'm very excited -- I think we have John Cudia as Erik -- The Phantom.

The last day of school is Nigh -- that's going to be one fun time, summer. Look forward to more blog posts. Recomended reading lists, et cetera. Fun links and tutorials, hopefully. Maybe. If I remember. I might upload some videos, too. I might to that this week. Who knows?

I'm currently moving. I'm just waiting for a time to jump in to the new house and get to a point where I can ride the bus. Except we lack internet there. For now. We might get the old computer fixed up by a friend of ours, and then we'll install that at the new house. We have satellite.

random fact of the post:

I got the name of this blog through Fred -- my old, waterlogged dictionary. I picked two words at random from him -- meltdown and logic. And then I combined them. Thank you Fred, thank you.


First post

May tenth, two-thousand nine. Two fifty-five P.M.

This is my first post -- not very exciting, I know. But I will spruce it up with some links to my favorite things on the web, after some info:

I'm J.D. I have recently started a blog of randomness. You are looking at it. It will get very much more exciting as time goes on.

And here is some amazingness:

This concludes my first post. I apologise for the boringness of it.