Friday, July 30, 2010

Probably one of the most random posts I will ever make.

Pokemon fans! Does this remind you of anything?

It should, because it's . . .


This's Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, reading Breaking Dawn and being all like, WHAT IS THIS, LOL WUT?

This is me when I wake up in the morning (hair and all):

This is pedobear Edward Cullen.

(NOTE: Hey, I just noticed that the pic isn't working the way it should, so click on it to get the full affect, 'kay?! Thank you! - JD)

I recently started Driver's Ed and have been busy with learning about things like traffic cones (and their offspring, mini-traffic cones).

School will start up soon, I have Warped Tour on Sunday, I get my Learner's Permit week after next . . . man, I have a bit of a busy summer! But then again, before Driver's Ed, I was bored to tears, especially when my Pokemon game crashed. D:

But now, I'm having issues finding time to write! Both my fanfiction and my blog posts here have been dwindling since a little before this week (actually, my fanfiction I've been having issues with for a while. Fortunately, I got a chapter up yesterday).

OH HEY! My birthday is coming up!!

On a much less awesome note, Tim's birthday is tomorrow.


I'm very excited.

Oh! Also, today, we pre-filled out our course completion cards (blue cards) in Driver's Ed . . . not very exciting? It is when one guy messes up twice, and eventually has to resort to the instructor filling out his Blue Card. The first time, he put his name under 'Location.' The second time, he messed up his name.

Jeez, I don't think this kid should be driving if he can't fill out a Blue Card. And to top it all off, he's a jerk, so . . . yeah.

That's really all I have for you this time 'round.

Oh, you noticed my lack of 'Tunes' and 'Mood?' Well, I don't have 'Tunes' up because my computer refuses to believe that my speakers exist. 'Audio Device? What Audio Device?' And I thought that 'Mood' would be lonely up there by itself.

That's it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Six Billion Secrets

No, that's not my secret, but I feel so bad for this kid. I know how it feels, and it's horrible.

Fortunately, I've known since I was about 11. It's a frightening thing -- especially in their situation, where they haven't told their parents.

Just makes me sad, Y'know?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Razia's Shadow

Tunes: Toba the Tura - Forgive Durden, Razia's Shadow: A Musical
Mood: Tired, the frustrated, then good, then good, then good, and now, bad.

Everyone knows that relationships -- family, friends, lovers -- involve taking and giving on both parts. It's a basic understanding that some people somehow fail to understand. Some people do a lot of taking and very little giving. Some great people, contrary wise, do a lot of giving and very little taking. These people are like load stones, or keystones in the middle of an arch. Without them, that entire relationship would collapse, like an arch with no keystone.

A relationship kind of like that happens between me and my sister. She does some giving, but mostly takes. I don't take much and I give a lot.

I'm a loadbearer. I've known that for a while. You come to me with your problems and I'll sympathize and try to help with what I can.

But with my sister, she sees it as me the taking and her doing all the giving.

Who's sitting around not doing anything while Mackenzie looks for a flash drive?

Who asks Mackenzie to get her a needlenose pliers when she can easily get them herself?

Who thinks that she's superior in every way to me?

Who refuses to treat me like an adult? . . . when I'm treated like an adult probably 80% of the time?

I'm getting sick of doing all the giving in this relationship. It's not how a relationship should be. It should be an even balance on both sides.

I feel like Arima in Razia's Shadow. He was one of the two most gifted of The Scientist's (God's) Seraphs (angels), and he proved to The Scientist his gifts, but was brushed off, with no recognition. He made the lamps to show everyone his gift. Still no compensation or recognition. The Spider tells him 'You have a special gift, but they still treat you like you're a kid. It must feel so bad with a knife in your back.' The Spider convinces Arima to destroy the lamps in a spectacular display of his fury towards The Scientist. Arima, in his rage, destroys the lamps and sets The Scientist's creation (their world) ablaze.

Arima's intentions were good -- he wanted to change the world, impress The Scientist and Nidria (The other most gifted Seraph, and the girl he's in love with). All he wanted to do was good, and all he wanted was recognition. He didn't get it, and The Spider corrupted him.

Arima's world burns, and The Scientist and Nidria and the rest of the Seraphs go to another creation, and erected a wall between them. Arima's punishment was he was to stay on the Dark side forever. A prophecy was made by the Oracle that someone would reunite the Dark and the Light.

100 years later, on the Dark side, we have two boys -- Pallas, the heir, and Adakaias, the youngest. Adakaias dreams of another, better world. Everyone tells him he's stupid for thinking this, that he should be more like his brother. He feels the urge within him to escape the dark may be the prophecy. He remembers all the tales he heard as a child of the prophecy and Arima's story. Everyone's ashamed in him for being 'foolish,' his own brother claiming his is 'Naive and starry-eyed,' and that 'the Dark has been your home,' even threatening to hunt him down and kill him if he leaves the Dark.

Adakaias tells his brother that he can't help this feeling in his heart telling him to run -- that he, Pallas, was meant to rule the dark and that 'I was meant to see the sun!'

In the end, Adakaias leaves the Dark, tired of fiction, for the city of Light. He was disguised as a citizen, and once he got there, he was saying that he should have left earlier, and his hope was peaked -- that he was right. Then . . . he fell for someone, Princess Anhura -- who, much like Adakaias, spent much of her life dreaming of a different life.

I won't spoil the rest for you, because it's actually really weird to explain the last of it. Besides, I think it's better to get the story from the music than anything.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm bored, so I'm going to MS Paint the crap out of a picture of Alexander Skarsgard. I'm probably going to just give him a horrible looking mustache and make him all 'SHOOP DA WHOOP I'MMA FIRIN MA LAZOR.' This might become a feature: MS PAINT with ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. Maybe I'll do MS paint celebrity interviews. I dunno. I'll at least try that last one.



I'm going to admit I had a bit too much fun doing this.


Um . . . not with Alexander, though. Eric. (You guys remember Eric, right? He's a viking (NOT THAT KIND).

MAC: So, Eric, what do you think of my artistic portrayals of you?
ERIC: What did you do to my face?
M: I MS Painted it.
E: What's that?
M: Computer.
E: Go no further -- I hire people to do the computer stuff for me. I'm too old for things like that.
M: Great.
E: I think I'd look great with a mustache.
M: That's how I imagined you when you were disguising yourself as Leif from California. With a horrible fake mustache.
E: *Nods* I was thinking about it, but do you know how hard it is to find a place that sells fake mustaches after sundown? Pretty difficult.
M: You should have had Sookie pick one up for you.
E: Didn't think of that. She would have wondered what I needed it for.
M: CHANGE OF SUBJECT. So, for someone who's 1000 years old and swedish, you speak great english.
E: I took an 'English as a second language' night class a while back.
M: *Nods* nice, nice . . . wait . . . how far back? How long is 'a while' for vampires?
E: How long is 'a while' for you?
M: It can be anywhere between a few days and a few years.
E: For vampires -- well, for myself, it's anywhere between a few years and a few hundred years.
M: Wow.
E: *Shrugs*
M: So how's your business -- Fangtasia -- coming along?
E: Pretty good now that we got rid of that thief.
M: The one who was . . . well, what other definition of 'thief' is there . . . stealing from you?
E: Longshadow, yeah.
M: Yeah. Embezzlement.
E: Embezzler.
M: Yup.
E: Well, I have to be back in Shreveport in a while . . . I've tried leaving Pam to run the bar and it never goes too well.
M: Well, it's been nice talking to you.
E: Any time.
M: After sundown, that is.
E: Exactly.

As you can tell, I'm extremely bored.