Monday, August 31, 2009

One Night in Bangkok

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Today, I was on wikipedia looking for reading recomendations, and I was on the Stephen King Bibliography page, and one of the first things that popped out at me was the description of his novel 'Rage.' I got a little excited, but then I saw a little note that said, 'Out of Print.' So, a little bummed, I kept scrolling down. I then saw a familiar title, 'The Bachman Books.' I remembered seeing a hardcover of that in my mom's car trunk! I laughed at the thought, and it turned out to be a collection of short stories: The Running Man, The Long Walk, Road Work, and . . . . 'Rage.' I clicked on the link to the book's article.

Turns out this book's been out of print for over ten years in the USA. It went out of print in 1997, because of the contents of 'Rage', and something about a school shooting (I don't mean to sound ignorant, I just don't want to go into details. I'll link to the articles at the end of the post).

So, what are the odds that I stumble upon something I want to read, it's out of print, and it turns out a not-easy-at-all-to-find editon of it is in the back of my mom's freakin' car?

How often does this happen? Honestly? That's like finding a first edition copy of Susan Kay's 'Phantom' at my local thrift store, in good condition (which I'm still hoping will happen).

So, with a little mental math, the book in the back of my mom's car is older than both my little step siblings.

And possibly me. The first edition came out in . . . 1985, I think.

Let me restate this in a new way:


***Once again, I'd like to remind all y'all that banned book week is closing in on us. Look forward to awesomeness during that week.

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