Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cirque Du Freak and Mr. Cellophane

Tunes: Mr. Cellophane -- Chicago, sung by John C. Reilly
Mood: Pleasantly surprised

I was just reading and update on Darren Shan's blog -- www.therealdarrenshan.wordpress.com -- and the post was about the Cirque Du Freak movie coming up, with John C. Reilly as Mr. Crepsley (awesomest vampire EVER.) when, all of a sudden, Mr. Cellophane came on, just as I was reading it. I found it oddly coincidential, and sat back to soak in the moment. It was pretty epic, actually.

JCR is OK, but Anthony Hopkins just cannot be beat! The guy won a best actor oscar for a movie where he was on the screen for sixteen minutes. Only sixteen minutes. That's good acting for sure!

The Cirque Du Freak movie is coming out on October 23rd. We're using as a S.A.D.D. movie, I think.

S.A.D.D. -- Students Against Drugs and Drinking, or Students Against Drinking and Driving or Students Against Destructive Desicions -- is a group at my school, which I am co-president of, along with my friend John. It's basically a drug-free program. We hold movies to help the local theater, and we do concessions at football games and stuff.

Our small town theater isn't doin'-a so well. I mean, with this economy, what do you expect? And it's even worse, being locally owned and everything. I mean, the multiplex in Hinkley is doing great, by the looks of it, but we're another story completely.

I'd write more, but I'm dead tired and have a book to read.


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