Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almosts, Roombas, and a New Year message for my readers.

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A lot of weird stuff has happened in the last . . . since whenever my last post was. Christmas happened, definately.

Speaking of christmas, my grandparents got one of those iRobot Roombas. (I kid you not, iRobot is the brand. No referance there.) At first, my grandparents were weary to set it up. And then, it wouldn't charge -- but grandpa fixed it. It was something with the battery holder. Then grandma got impatient when it was charging . . . and finally, the other day, they let it go about the house vaccuming.

Hilarity ensued. Apparently (I didn't get to see it, I slept in until like, two PM), they followed 'him' around. And reffered to 'him' as a 'him' and a 'he'.

. . . and all through this, my grandpa's giving a play-by-play.

Grandpa: Look at him go!
Grandpa: Oh, now he's under the bed -- he couldn't get there before!
Grandpa: Oh, he's stuck on the fan now!

That same day, my sister and I randomly got on to the subject of what our mom ALMOST named us.

She almost named my sister -- Stephanie -- 'Katie Ann.'

And she almost named me -- Mackenzie -- 'Hunter Jackson.'

OK, there's a bit of explanation behind mine. Throughout her entire pregnancy, my mom wanted me to be a boy. She was adamant about my being a boy until the moment I popped out -- literally. When Dr. Callen said 'Oh, she's got dark hair' whilst delivering me, my mom interjected with 'HE. NOT SHE!' And she wanted me to be a blonde-haired, blue eyed boy.

Uuuh, she didn't get any of it. When I was born, I had black hair, green eyes, and was -- and this one's the most obvious -- a girl.

But back to the 'almosts.'

Steph and I were wondering what we'd be like if mom had named us that (in stephanie's case) and if we'd come out exactly as mom wanted (in my case).

We decided on the following:

would . . .
- be president of the student council.
- be a perfect, princess blonde.
- not have . . . six? . . . six piercings.
- be girlfriend of the captain of the Hockey Team.

would . . .
- be the number one freshman hockey player.
- get average grades
- would call the kids in the plays 'gay.'
- be a blonde.
- be in one of those really annoying cliques of sport-players.
- be Hunter L's best friends -- we'd be in every class together and reffered to as 'the Hunters.'

And now, look at us.

is . . .
- a fan of Steven Colbert and John Stewart
- a haver of piercings. Six, if I'm right.
- fine with having had no experience with student council
- a veteran of hair dying.
- the ex-girlfriend of a couple of weirdos.

is . . .
- Horrible at every sport she comes into contact with.
- getting either B's or A's.
- one of those kids in the plays. And one of the better ones, too.
- in no annoying clique -- but she does sit with a select bunch of lovable weirdos at lunch.
- is -- no, wait -- Mackenzie Reed finds Hunter L really annoying -- and he tripped me in sixth grade. >.<

I'm kinda glad I'm not like that. It's just so . . . not me. (I find this humerous.)

Oh, and to all my loyal readers,

Happy New Year!!!!

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