Friday, January 29, 2010

If I . . .

If I ate myself, would I disappear completely or be twice as big?

I actually thought about that in Science (Since it's the end of the semester and we were watching Wall-E). So, naturally, I asked Dan.

He didn't say anything for a few moments. "Uhh . . ." Another pause, "Well, you wouldn't disappear, but you wouldn't be twice as big . . ." He didn't say anything for the rest of the movie.

I remembered it again in German, 7th hour. So, I asked Katie

Which reminds me . . .


KATIE: Science doesn't matter, Mackenzie! If you ate yourself, you wouldn't be there!!!!

She said this after I pointed out the law of conservation of Mass, which says matter cannot be created or destroyed -- so I know I wouldn't disappear. (See, Science does come in handy in everyday life!)

Speaking of Science and the end of the semester . . .

The beginning of the new semester is on Tuesday. Three new teachers (two of which I've never had, one is the same ol' same ol' gym teacher). One new class, one class I've taken twice before because of requirements, and a switch in subjects in a required class. In Science, the switch in subject class, we're now focusing on Physics, and not Chemistry, like we were first semester. I'm kind of excited for Physics, because the teacher I have this semester (Mr. C) is renowned for his fun projects. I know this firsthand. In summer school (Pa-Tooey!) we had to do a hands-on project in addition to the droning hours of computer work. So we built rockets. I still have mine (phantasmagoria is what I dubbed it). I'll have to take a picture . . .

But I am looking forward to a new classroom, a new environment, and a new set of class mates. Uuughhh. The one reason I disliked science was the people. I swear that those kids are out to get my science teacher or something. They called her various rude and crude names and I tell you . . . I just couldn't stand it. Almost daily I'd stay behind and try to apologize for the behavior of my classmates, but she wouldn't have any of it. She said they should apologize for themselves, and that I shouldn't even have to think of apologizing for them. She's very nice, and kind of like myself. I would have done no different in her shoes.


Though I'm not quite excited for Econ(omics) with Mrs. H. I liked Mr. M's class better, mainly because learning was pretty variable. It's like, he has an agenda, but you stray from it every five minutes. It can be rather pleasing or annoying, at which point I crack open a book. Oh well. I'll post those pics later, 'kay?

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