Saturday, March 13, 2010

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So, I tested my hypothesis from my last post . . . but something got in the way, that I'd forgotten about.

I had two appointments that week. One with my psychologist on Wednesday, and an Orthodontist appointment on Friday.

On a completely A.D.D. note, I really want to watch Phantom of the Opera now.

Back to what I was saying. I honestly can't remember if I got my assignment in on Wednesday or what -- but otherwise, I got every assignment in -- and I told myself on Monday, that if I got my assignments in Monday through Friday -- I'd get myself a sundae.

I actually never got my sundae -- heh. I'm a bit too lazy to walk to Dairy Queen (which is less than a block away . . .). Except that's exactly what I did for supper on Friday. Oh well. Good enough. Wait -- my reward, as of right now, was . . .

umm . . . .

Watching Phantom of the Opera? Like, right now?

Sure! Yes.

On another completely A.D.D. note, I had knowledge bowl practice recently because we have a meet on Monday. But that's not it. I was doing a fake test that Ms. Stevens (my knowledge bowl coach and english teacher) had given me.

That's also not it -- nor is it very exciting. No, the thing was one of the last questions . . .

In which I had to decipher Cockney.

I can't even remember what it said (I'll make sure to post that later. I have it in my Science binder) but . . . I honestly did not know what it meant in english. Does anyone else expect something like that in knowledge bowl? Normally we have to say . . . like, who the inventor of . . . like . . . the Sharpie was. No. We do not on a regular basis have to decipher Cockney. I was laughing and trying to say it out loud and sounding like an idiot. It was definitely worth it. Except I just guessed on the question (and got it right to boot).

Also on an A.D.D. note: I noticed that when I sweat in my rainbow socks, they'll make the insides of my converse rainbow! (this has only been observed in the Blue high tops as of far)

Also, I have a new purse. The Roomba found it under my bed, along with some clear nail polish, my sister's scholarship certificate, and a bunch of other random crap.

Yes, this little circular robot that is totally not sentient and can only establish barriers by bumping into things . . . found a purse and brought it out to me.

Kinda. It moreso dragged it out from under the bed. And I laughed at it because I hadn't seen that purse (which is technically my sister's) for ages. Also, I determined the Roomba to be a Hufflepuff, for Hufflepuffs are good finders, indeed.

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