Friday, September 10, 2010

New/ Kind of made my day.

MOOD: Sick.
TUNES: REPO! The Genetic Opera.

Hey, look! Robots! I decided to change my layout to include robots. Hope you like it!

So, today, I was at the clinic for my ortho appointment, and also I was getting a throat culture because I felt like crap and my throat hurts. Suddenly, while waiting to be called back for my stupid throat culture . . . a pizza hut guy walked in. With a pizza. He went to the other side of the clinic . . . dropped the pizza off, and left. Why? Just . . . why?! Who ordered pizza at the freaking hospital?

This was just a major 'LOLWUT' moment.

Oh, and as for the throat culture, I don't have strep, but the do a little follow up thing where they like, let it grow in a petri dish or something. If it's still not strep, or is strep, they'll call.

I hate always being sick. It's so stupid, and annoying, and I wish I was healthy all the time. Though that'd be kind of boring.

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