Sunday, September 26, 2010

TUNES: Another Day - RENT
MOOD: Whimsical/Cupcakey

This is my Bearded Dragon, Clarence. He's much bigger now, in fact, he's a year older than this picture! This was taken on my birthday last year! He's getting a little tubby now (don't tell him that, though!), and he likes to run around and lick things, such as my little step brother's back pack, and my pants, and the floor, and shoes. He also enjoys scaring my sister, because she doesn't like him all that much. My mom once accidentally tried to nudge him away from her with her foot, and he accidentally did a barrel roll.

He likes to eat crickets, and meal worms, and veggies. He has blue sand in his little habitat/kinda terrarium. If you surprise him, or he gets mad, or if he's 'hunting' crickets, he'll puff up his 'beard,' hence the name 'Bearded Dragon.'

Now, here's the real blog post -- all that was so you could learn a little more about Clarence.

So, the other day (or maybe last night -- I can't remember) I had a dream. Can't remember much of it, but what I do remember . . . is this:

Clarence was a giant Bearded Dragon. Like, the size of a St. Bernard. And he would follow me, and jump up on me, and lick me, kinda like a dog. He was still kinda lazy, and I had to coerce him into doing anything, but after I talked to him, he was all for having some fun and following me around and adventuring.

For those of you who have read the 'Percy Jackson' series, he kinda reminded me of Mrs. O'Leary, a giant Hellhound.

I just thought I'd share all that.

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