Wednesday, September 22, 2010


MOOD: Contemplative/ Like a teenager.
TUNES: Razia's Shadow: A Musical, Forgive Durden.

So, I was in band today practicing the Homecoming routine while the National Guard was there with a rock climbing wall and crap. I was a little miffed to be walking back and forth across the football field eight million times because the flags are confused (French horn players. Bah!). So I was standing next to Greg (Tuba) and all of a sudden he's like, "IS THAT (insert my crush's last name here)?!" So of course I look, and he's up on the rock climbing wall looking amazing on the most difficult side of the wall. Purple semi-skinny jeans, open plaid shirt . . . I should probably stop talking before I get carried away.

But I just kept staring at him. I thought he smiled at me once, but he was talking to one of the flags. So I just kind of just looked away awkwardly and felt stupid.

I don't have any classes with him this year. Last year, second semester, we had all but Spanish/German and English together. And technically band, but that was only 50% of the time, due to Band and Choir being during the same hour, every other day.

I don't know why he's not in Choir this year. He auditioned, and I'm pretty sure he got in.

I don't know why he hasn't talked to me at all this year. I mean, I see him every morning before the bell rings, and our lockers are right by each other. I'd say 'Hello' or something, but I'm afraid it'd come out wrong somehow. Like I said 'GOPHER' instead of 'GO FOR' once in front of him because I got nervous. We were auditioning (I didn't get anything. He did) for a few solos for last year's medley and he came up to me after one of them (we did all of them in a row) and said 'You did great on that last one, so I think I'll stand by you.' And I was trying to say 'Go for it,' in a casual, nonchalant way, and it came out too fast, so I said 'gopherit' instead. So then I had to ramble on a little about how I mean go FOR it, and not GOPHER it, and it was just really awkward, but he smiled a bit at me looking so flustered. He has a lovely singing voice, too. I mean, we could probably harmonize pretty nicely. He's a Bass (and at that point) I was a Soprano, so that might've worked out in a cool way. Now that I'm an Alto this year, and we sound really cool with the Bass's, so that would've been cool.

Though he was dumped by HER mid year last year. Who would dump him except for some stupid . . . (there are no words appropriate for this blog that I can say here). I mean, he's really nice, and has a sense of humor, and likes music, and can sing well, and he's smart. Though I normally go for the Scandinavian (Blonde and Blue) type, he's a bit of a deviation, I guess, with his dark hair and eyes, not insanely pale, with a bit of color to his skin.

My stomach's kind of fluttering around.

I'm sorry I'm being so Lovey-Dovey right now. I'm pretty sure this is what Shakespeare does to me. Happened when we read 'Romeo and Juliet' last year, too, and since we're doing 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' I guess it's happening again. I don't know why Shakespeare does this to me. I think he's doing it on purpose, so he can break me down so he can come to the future and steal my words.* Oh Shakespeare, you skamp, you!

And, on the subject of Luff and Shakespeare, I find Midsummer superior to Romeo and Juliet in terms of how love works. I mean, yeah, they use magic flowers to make (the wrong) people fall in love with each other (on accident. Oberron just wanted to help -- it's Puck who's like, retarded or something. Except for with Titania, where I guess he was just being kind of a jerk).

Stupid confusing things.

*Backstory to that: Once, Bekkah was reading 'Twelfth Night' and found the word 'Fantastical' in it. She thought I'd made the word up when I said it. So did I. We therefore hypothesized that Shakespeare (being awesome) invented a time machine and comes to the future to steal my words. It just hasn't happened. Yet.

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