Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Problem Shared

Some people say that a problem shared is a problem halved. In some cases this doesn't work, but in others, it works wonders to get a little bit of a load off of your shoulders.

In reality though, it's more like a problem shared is a problem divided. It's probably not half, or even a quarter, but I'm glad to get something like a twentieth of my geometry problem off of my shoulders. And I'll be getting a big ol' chunk of band off of my shoulders with a little help from Lovely Linda, my band director. And probably some Geometry with that, too, because Linda is amazing and will also help me with these tough things.

I'm out.



"People must think we're weird, just dancing in the corner!"
"And then the Goblins will be in the background dancing like this: *dances*"
"RADIATION . . *techno sounds* . . RADIATION . . *techno sounds* . ."

Aaaand, here's one from E-Saur, who plays Wall, and who enjoys molesting people at every opportunity possible.

Me: Why don't you ever molest Tim? *points to Tim*
E: Honestly, I just don't like gingers. Not that I have anything against you--
Tim: *Covers self with hoodie and fake sobs* Nobody loves meeeeee!!!!! *Huddles in corner*

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