Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween, A Good Day, and Hat-A-Palooza!

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I'm so sorry I missed Halloween! But between Katie's Party and taking Meg and Dyl trick or treating, I had almost no time for a post! So, here's a late one:


and, because I am the coolest dude:


So, I actually -- for a change of pace -- had a good day today. A little uneventful, and sometimes, I wanted to yell at people, but an enjoyable day nonetheless. Though, it might have been helped by the fact that, in the middle of band, this guy I know, Alex (not Ben's brother. It's confusing because they sit next to each other and play the same instrument) randomly turned around and said, "Smile, Mac!" So, I did.

I think smiling helps make a day better.

Oh, and also, this day is additionally awesome because of . . .

The fact that I finished my Adventure Time hat! I made a hat like Finn's from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake! Here's a picture of him:

His hat is Algebraic. Am I right or am I right? Or, wait, is it even a hat? I don't think we ever see him without it, so maybe it's his hair or something. In the original little short, it looks more obviously like a hat, but now, it's like an extension of his head.

Whoa, that sounded weird.

So, I made this freaking hat, and this is my second big project on the sewing machine (I'll talk about my first -- and equally awesome one later) so, I took it up to my grandma (who is the owner of the sewing machine I'm using) to show it to her (and I was feeling a little self conscious about it, because the sewing in the back is a little wonky) and she didn't believe that I made it. She says, "Well, I just don't believe you made this! It's such good work and I . . . I just can't believe my little girl made this!" This wasn't her being buttery to me -- if there is criticism to be offered up, she will be the first to dish it out.

Right after that, she put it on.

Adorable. If I'd had my cellphone, I'd have taken a picture, but it was downstairs! OH TEH NOES. But I'll get her in it again, and I'll take a picture. It will be made of cute.

Oh, my first sewing machine project? It was my Halloween costume. I was Link, from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was pretty rad, but I didn't . . . wait, Katie took at least one picture of me. When she uploads it, I'll put it on here ASAP.

I think that just about wraps this post up.

See ya, everyone!

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