Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Little Random

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So, my voice is killing me, but that doesn't stop me from laughing outrageously at stuff on tumblr. Such as Ganondorf getting hugged by Link and Zelda, and two Pokemon having an argument in traffic about who gets to drive. "Dialga, I want to drive. Why don't you let me drive?" "Because you don't have your license." "Well, at least I have arms." "At least I don't look like--"

Let's stop it there. It get's a little awkward from there on out, but it's also really hilarious. I'll post a link for those who want to see it at the end.

Also, I just thought of a line from my imaginary fanfic in my head that I don't really want to write out because I have yet to finish a fanfic.

"You can't just eat a three pound Gummi-Worm and consider it a meal."
"Yes I can. DEAL WITH IT."

That's all, folks!

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