Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Tis Better

TUNES: True Love - Razia's Shadow, Forgive Durden
MOOD: Contemplative.

This post goes out to Dezzy over at Rock The Exist(e)ance. She's going through boy troubles something fierce. Though, as they say,

"'Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost, Than to Not Have Loved at All."
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

For those not in the know, I fall into the latter category. All of my gal pals have had a boyfriend or at least have some little sparks/chemistry going on with someone. I have nothing.


I mean, I have Tim, but he's more like a brother despite what people may think. I mean, a relationship between us just wouldn't work. I mean, think if we had like, a kid. Oh, dude. I just had an idea-thingy:

TIM: It's your turn to change the baby.
MAC: It's YOUR turn to change the freakin baby!
TIM: I'll do it if you can answer me these questions three!
MAC: I'm up for the challenge.
TIM: WHAT . . . is your favorite color?
MAC: Purple.
TIM: WHAT . . . is your favorite soda?
MAC: Root beer.
TIM: WHAT . . . is this? *Points to a large black circle on a screen*
MAC: *Sigh* A Jigglypuff, viewed from above.
TIM: . . . *grumble* Fine, I'll change the baby.
BABY: Goo . . .
MAC: You need to stop making these questions so easy.
TIM: Here's one: WHAT . . . is the square root of a Jigglypuff viewed from above?
MAC: An Igglybuff viewed from the left side.
TIM: . . . You're good.

The end.

This is why a relationship wouldn't work.

TIM: WHY . . . wouldn't a relationship work between us?
MAC: A Jigglypuff viewed from above. That's why.

Besides, I don't want ginger babies. Also, I can more easily imagine myself beating Tim rather than kissing him, unless it was for stage purposes. Then I may be able to work with it.

Though I do not have a sweetheart with winter fast approaching, and with the yearly Formal dance next month (and Knowledge Bowl -- WOOHOO), I do have my eyes on a boy or two. Though I barely see one (the one boy I've mentioned in a million posts before this one) and the other one is quite shy. I mean, at this point, my sister had dated the same guy twice, and was fast approaching her third relationship with a second guy.

Sometimes I get why guys don't seem to like me. I mean, I'm awkward, and I can be loud, and I argue, and I can be annoying.

I need to work on my paper now.


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