Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry to be tardy to the party . . .

but I've been busy as heck -- I've got to set up summerschool and all that stuff.

Katie's (Late) Quote Of The Week:


and . . .

"YOU'RE . . . TOO . . . LITTLE . . . !

Tomorrow, I PROMISE two fresh quotes from Katie herself.

I got brownie points from the play choreographer for my Anne Frank cake -- she had some because she's like, my english teacher's best friend. Don't ask. But, I got major -- MAJOR brownie points.

Speaking of Deb the Choreographer . . .

I was at my sister's boyfriends little dinner-theater performance in my town, and during intermission, Deb came up to me, and a little conversation ensued:

DEB: Y'know one thing that became apparent when I was watching your Anne Frank performance?

ME: And what was that?

DEB: YOU are a Drama kid!*** Most of the other kids, after they did their part, they just kinda stared off into space -- while YOU where acting from *snaps* beginning to end *snaps*. But yea -- YOU are a Drama kid! Just thought you'd like to know that!

ME: *Smiles profusely*

*** OK, just so you know, being an *Official* Drama kid is the highest degree of compliment I've gotten since Katie's older brother -- IT'S SAM! -- said I was good. He's like, the best actor in our school -- that was one awesome moment there, but having the Choreographer, who works with both the senior - and junior- high directors, and has seen me act a good few times . . . that's a freaking AMAZING compliment -- yay me!

. . . I was going to have a celebratory picdump . . . but the stupid thing is NOT working again . . . Grrr.

Oh, and this is for Bekkah ---


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