Sunday, May 24, 2009

News News News! (& Karma)

I'm sad to report that tomorrow is Memorial day -- henceforth, no school -- henceforth, no Katie Quote until TUESDAY! *Wipes tear from face* I know, sad, sad, sad! BUT -- I will give you two quotes instead of one. So, be happy for tuesday!

Oh, yes, and to all of you who read the first post about Fred -- my dictionary, I'd like to post a picture of him for you all:

. . . my computer is being a jerk, so I'll try to get a picture later.

So, there is Fred -- who contributed to with the wonderful name . . . meltdown logic. A round of applause for Fred, everyone! *clapclapclapclap*

On to bigger and better things . . .

Like tuesday, and tommorow. Tommorow, I have to make a cake for the scene in Anne Frank that my english class is doing [Act II scene I, I'm Mrs. Frank.]. I'm thinking chocolate cake w/ vanilla frosting, so I can add a bit of food coloring and write 'Peace in 1944' on the top in colored frosting, with white frosting as a base. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday -- Anne Frank, as I said. Hopefully, Mrs. Frank will not have to smack a ho -- I'm stuck with two idiots who can't act and are complaining about their parts -- while one of them has the male lead. My english teacher says that she may be doubting his acting abilities, and may be switching him over to narrator. Hehehe -- Karma at it's best.

Speaking of Karma, my sister and I saw that the Brownie batter blizzard is back -- so we went to get ice cream. She wanted a crunch cone -- she loves her crunch cones. This is a good time to mention that she always eats a big bite of my blizzard every time I order one because she gets her hands on it first.

Back to this, though. She goes to order. Mine's good to go - I got the BBB, and it turns out, they don't have any crunch -- and there won't be any until tomorrow. What now?! She takes a big bite of my blizzard -- but then she hands me her chocolate soft serve cone, which I take a bite of myself.

Karma finally taught my sister a lesson!

That's all for today . . .

Oh, yeah . . .

On thursday, my grade is due to go to this pseudo-water park.

And I hate how my stomach looks with my swimsuit.

Legs? No prob.

Boobs? Totally fine.

. . . tummy?

No. I just can't deal with how my stomach looks. I mean, I know that I'm on the heavy side . . . but . . . yeah. I mean, what self-respecting teen has strech marks? Ew. Well, there's me, and I suppose a few other weirdies.

Fortunatley, I am one of the few people with body issues that knows that:

A) Cutting does not make you lose weight,
B) Anorexia is not going to get me anywhere
C) Neither will Bulimia.

That's kind of a plus side . . .

In some perverse way, I suppose it's a plus.

Kind of.

Besides, I have PostSecret to help me.

Yay hooray for Frank and PostSecret.

For anyone out there with problems . . .

it really, really helps.

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