Monday, May 18, 2009

Random things

OK first off . . . todays quote, there, on the right -- is by a guy named Francis BACON. How amazing is that? Seriously? Bacon rules, yo.
Katies Quote Of The Week!
"I think Hell . . . Is East. *Points to her right*"

OK, that's done with.

NEWS FLASH! I am now rescheduled to go to Phantom on THURSDAY. The upside to this?

1) I got to go to the Fall Out Boy Concert last night,
2) I get better seats
3) I get to come to school on a FRIDAY with a PHANTOM HIGH.
4) I'll get to . . .
5) I forgot number four.
6) And five and six.
7) And seven.
8) Oh well.

Also, early picdump -- because I dont think I'll be posting on wednesday. So . . . early picdump! Yay!
I think that may conclude my post.

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