Sunday, May 10, 2009

The other first post

Since the first post was so boring, I've decided to make a FIRST POST VERSION 2.0! So, this post is going to be a rant. What's it about? A lot of things! From banned books to H1-N1, here comes my rant.

OK, so I don't get why some books are banned in some places (like kansas) and not in other places, like minnesota. And what makes them banned? I mean, Nineteen Eighty-four's been banned in who knows how many states? It's a good book too. Kinda like Maximum Ride, but more on that later. I think some books are banned -- and sometimes burned -- because some idiots think it will influence people like me in the wrong ways. How do you influence someone in the wrong way? Influence is influence, one way or the other. I mean, my sixth grade teacher influenced everyone badly, but no one says anything about it but me. My seventh grade study skill teacher influenced me in like, the best possible ways, and everyone speaks well of her. In real life, no one cares to bring up bad influence, but with books, it's like . . . like in "The Chocolate War" There are some . . . explicit scenes . . . in it. Well, someone sees that, or sees that "The Catcher In The Rye" swears every ten words, and they're all like,


When in fact it's a really good book that could help your kid figure out their life. For example: My sister does not want me to read "Lord Of The Flies" (This is banned in some places -- not where I live. It seems our curiculum is made up of mostly banned books, such as "Brave New World," and "The Giver," along with stuff like, "Animal Farm," and "Nineteen Eighty-four.") Because I "Won't understand it" Yeah. No. I've been reading at a college level for four-five years now. I have the vocabulary of an English major, and my sister says I "Won't understand it?" Yeah, maybe it has some 'olde' english in it, but I've seen three Shakespeare plays -- I get 'olde' english pretty well. I'm determined to read it, before eleventh grade, too -- when my sister read it.

This subject is getting a little hot (get it, burning books?), so I'm moving on to something else:

Politics and the crap going on around the globe.

Let's start with the swine flu. Eh-hem, I mean H1-N1.


Seriously. I think the press is just going to town with this. I mean, a big, juicy bone of a story for every reporter across the globe? Who wouldn't hop at the chance? I would. Honestly. I would totally blow everything out of proportion -- inflate the ammount of possible cases, everything. If I ran the press, this'd be a disaster.

But I'm a blogger, so I get to trash them for this.

It's terrible. I mean, it's great that they're admitting that it's dying down, but then they add ominously, "But it'll be back and even worse come autumn and winter!" Oooh. Scary. The idea is (sarcasm) So, so frightening! (/sarcasm)

I hope that I'm not going to get vaporized 1984-style for typing this. *Gulp*

Oh, well.

I think I'll talk about upcoming events in my life next.

I'm going to Phantom Of The Opera on May 17th -- one week to go! I've been a Phantom Of The Opera 'Phan' since I was ten. It's been a while. I'm very excited -- I think we have John Cudia as Erik -- The Phantom.

The last day of school is Nigh -- that's going to be one fun time, summer. Look forward to more blog posts. Recomended reading lists, et cetera. Fun links and tutorials, hopefully. Maybe. If I remember. I might upload some videos, too. I might to that this week. Who knows?

I'm currently moving. I'm just waiting for a time to jump in to the new house and get to a point where I can ride the bus. Except we lack internet there. For now. We might get the old computer fixed up by a friend of ours, and then we'll install that at the new house. We have satellite.

random fact of the post:

I got the name of this blog through Fred -- my old, waterlogged dictionary. I picked two words at random from him -- meltdown and logic. And then I combined them. Thank you Fred, thank you.


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