Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crash Crash.

Tunes: All I Ask Of You - POTO
Mood: Indescribable yet again (but for vastly different reasons)

The guy I like is pining over his ex.

Maybe all of this has just been in my head.

What else is only inside my head? All of my achievements? Everything I love? Is it all fake?

No. This is all for real. But maybe those stupid 'luff' emotions were irrational -- they probably were.

Irrational . . . but never fake. Who came up with this stupid 'luff' thing anyway?!

Who needs it?

Besides . . . she doesn't want him.

This is best expressed algebraically:

A likes B. B likes C. C does not like B. A hates C with a burning passion in A's heart. And they all live horribly ever after. Story of my life, currently.

A = interesting, independent, and stubborn.
B = smart, cool, and gives very nice comments.
C = cannot be described in words appropriate for this blog. Though I will throw a few out: Ho . . . and I think I might have to make up new words to describe her. Sluttastic, for one (note to readers: I love how my computer counts 'Ho' and 'Slut' as words). If you guys can think of any others . . . tell me. Oh, and some family-friendly adjectives: Inappropriate, loud, rude, naive, horrible, disrespectful.

As I said in my older post about this stuff . . . it turned out to be true. I didn't fall in 'luff,' I crashed. And I narrowly avoided burning. And being ripped to shreds.

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