Sunday, May 2, 2010

Interesting . . .

Breaking news here -- well, not really, considering this has been going on for months and I just remembered to blog about it.

My guinea pigs . . . are not as retarded as they look. And they look relatively retarded.

So, a little while back, I looked over at their hut, and noticed that they were chewing on the walls. Once again, they look pretty retarded. Then . . . I noticed that where the teeth marks were. They were at fat guinea pig hip level.

They were gnawing away the walls of their hut to accommodate their fatness.

I couldn't believe it -- and neither could my sister. We were laughing so hard, it was unbelievable!

OH, I forgot.

Mother's day is closing in on us! And for my mom, who's put up with my crap for almost fifteen years, I've decided to actually do something for her this year.

Mother's day has never been a big thing in my family. Don't quite know why -- maybe it has something to do with being a single mom for fourteen years? I dunno. But Steph and I have done various things for mom throughout the years, in grade school, little projects, and when Steph hit high school and I hit fifth grade, we graduated to ordering her tulips (mom's a sucker for Tulips). I've baked her stuff before, but normally, we just say 'Happy Mother's day, Mom,' and go on with our day.

This year, I've decided to do something different, though. And by 'different,' I mean 'actually doing something.'

I've decided I shall make her pink cupcakes, with white frosting, get her a card, and get her some flowers.

There may be something to explain my recent development in 'wanting to do stuff for mom'-ness. Mom and I have had some . . . rocky arguments lately. We tend to make up pretty fast, but I still feel like a bit of a jerk (even though I know it's not my fault.)

Also, as of this year, (and last year, actually, but that doesn't count because there was too much going on) mom is a mother of five instead of her usual two. Mom got married last year, and married herself into an amazing dork with three . . . well, two half time kids and Jordan. Jordan just does whatever. Megan and Dylan he has half (51%) custody of. Meg and Dyl are hard to stand, but I irrevocably love them in some weird way. (I know, it's hard to believe that I have a heart, isn't it?)

But yeah, Mom gets pink cupcakes, a card (probably musical), and quite possibly Tulips. I may or may not sneak into the house and make her breakfast. No, wait, I will. Yeah. I'll ask Terry what time she usually gets up on days off -- and make sure it's her day off.

BREAKING NEWS: Mom's got the day off, and she normally wakes up at about 7:00.

So, plan of action!

Operation: Mothers Day!

Bake Cupcakes, Frost, get tulips if I end up doing that. Set alarm for 6:00. I may or may not get the card before this.
Get up at 6:00, dress, pack everything, leave house at 6:30, bike to Mom's house with necessary components for breakfast extravaganza. Dump bike in yard, go inside, prepare breakfast. Complete breakfast, set table, wake up Mom, Terry, and kids. Eat, displays of love, etc. Happiness ensues! Yay! Theeeen, cupcakes.

Now, what shall be on the breakfast menu?

Pancakes -- Homemade, that is. And pink.
Scrambled Eggs. Probably the normal color.

I'll keep the pancakes in the oven on super low to make sure they stay warm and not crappy until everything's ready.

Terry and the kids'll eat at the table, and I might serve mom breakfast in bed or something. If she doesn't want that, she can come out and eat with us.

I think I'll go check how my bike's working.

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