Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My future, imaginary bakery in my mind.

Sometimes, I like to imagine what my bakery will look like when I own one. I know, for one, that this picture (yep, the one RIGHT THERE) will be hanging up.

I guess right now I'm doing this because I wasn't invited to the little birthday party my older sister is having with the rest of the family . . . excluding Mackenzie. Yaaaay. I feel like such a part of the family. Not only have I not seen Mom for days, but I need to talk to her, too.

My sister's turning 19 today and all she's really said to me today is "(whispered) With Stormy*!" and "No, you can't come with, I don't want my car full of people." When I asked if I could accompany her and my little bro Dylan to the park. And, later, "I need keys to Mom's house."

Three sentences. Really? I know it's all about her today, but I still exist, don't I? I mean, really, she's been way up north for college for nine months and mom's mainly been focused on her and the wee ones -- she admitted to that during one of my appointments.

To my Mom, I'm the primary concern . . . and the least of her concerns. I somehow fill both of those spaces (not quite sure how).

I want to go to Narnia. Everyone likes me there.

Or maybe I should just go back to my part time job in the Twilight Zone. Maybe the store keeper will hire me again since I'll be open all summer.

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