Monday, May 3, 2010

Retarded miniventure.

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Some people who read this blog may know about the retarded adventure that started with my friend Dezzy -- from Rock the Existance -- posted something of FB about wanting to be a Hobbit. Well, that hasn't happened, (but it will -- oh yes, it will) -- but we had a retarded miniventure today!

It all started in Gym, where we were playing tennis. We all decided it was too cold and wanted to go play on the little kid's playground, but knew Mrs. P would yell at us. So Kristen chucked a ball over the fence into the trees by the playground. We pretended to go 'searching' for it when, in reality, we climbed on the playground and went down the slide. Oh, and if anyone asks, we went to Narnia.

A lot of insane things happened in Gym. We started pretending out rackets were lightsabers when Dezzy realized that when you swung them, the made the wooshy noise. And Allyson's misinterpreted "I was waving my lightsaber and it cut my leg off!" which, by Dezzy's ears was actually "My vagina's a lightsaber and it cut my leg off!" Which, in my opinion, is a drastic difference. Then of course there's the fact that I can't hit the ball when it's right in front of me . . . and when I DO hit it, it just drops to the ground. No bounce.

In other awesome news . . . guess who got into the Rum River Art Show? Mackenzie did! Yay!

Oh, and I think I'm starting a new feature. "Things about the girl I hate." They'll probably be at the end of the post . . . because I just thought of it and can't think of where else to fit it into the post.


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